Everyone Abandon Ship

Posted by Stephanie on December 9, 2014



or possible ships. You know–when we learn more about the plots and attach to possible OTP’s.

It was just a while ago where we talked about some big names joining up with 3 dramas all featuring heroes stricken with the super common affliction of multiple personalities. I mean, it has to be common right? Common enough to have 3 dramas coming up at the same time? Yeah….

We had Hyun Bin’s Hyde, Kim Soo Hyun in Dr Frankenstein, and Lee Seung Gi with Kill Me, Heal Me. In a testament to just how quickly Kdrama works,both Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Seung Gi backed out their respective dramas. What the flying fudge? Is it a testament to bad scripts? Or perhaps the two got wind of the competing dramas and ran in the other direction? It makes sense career wise not to 1) go up against Hyun Bin’s hugely anticipated return to drama, or 2) not hop into the middle of a copycat battle.

ji sung

Of course, again being Kdrama, it’s not like the production was going to give up on these dramas, they are just going to dip back into the casting pool. As far as I know, they haven’t had any bites for Dr Frankenstein, but Kill Me, Heal Me almost instantly came back with a possible Ji Sung for the hero dealing with not one but seven personalities.

While I love Lee Seung Gi, this actually makes me really more interested in watching the drama. I really like Ji Sung! I thought he killed it in Protect the Boss and then….well, to be totally honest, that’s the only thing I’ve seen him in. Y u no want to be in dramas I want to see Ji Sung? (Although, I will admit by being tempted by the seemingly angsty Royal Family.) He is just one of those actors who seem like a super nice guy in real live and that just shines through in his acting. Kind of like how I felt about Lee Seung Gi a few years ago when I had an inexplicable girl crush on him despite having never actually seeing him in any drama.

I might be a sucker for a dimpled smile…

As filming for these can’t be that far away (as again, kdrama moves so freaking fast), I wonder if this will be the final casting, and if they will be able to cast someone for Dr Frankenstein. Oh and this also leaves Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Seung Gi open for new dramas–I hope they decide on something soon!

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