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Posted by Stephanie on December 10, 2014

Casting News

Isn’t it funny how the exact week No Min Woo is currently getting his butt kicked over in the Ultimate Khottie Battle poll, news is released that he’s signed onto another drama? It’s almost like he’s heard his stock has plummeted and has decided it’s time to act.

Heh. Literally act. Look! I made a pun.

Looking back I thought his last drama was the frankly abysmal Full House 2 (Oh, the hair! The bad hair! Oh, and the terrible plot.) which was like 3 Christmases ago. (I know this as Kate and I still laugh about how we spent our Christmas eve laughing at watching this drama. Guess there are worse ways to spend your holiday–we could have been watching Doctor Jin….

However, looking at his filmography, I can see he’s been quite the busy bee. In the time since Full House, he’s had roles in Best Wedding, God’s Gift 14 Days, the blockbuster movie The Admiral: Roaring Currents, Term of Validity for Love (Chinese) and Sword and Flower. Uhhh,,, no wonder he’s so skinny! Live shoot after live shoot after live shoot? That is not good for your health, mister.

And here it is, not just rumor, but confirmed casting to the new drama, My Unfortunate Boyfriend. Which is unfortunate as, from the information on the plot which has been released, the drama is probably not for me.

My Unfortunate Boyfriend, No Min Woo plays a man who is always honest matched with a woman who will lie to get what she wants. Honestly, one of my pet peeves are heroines who start out lying to get ahead. Unless it’s Coffee Prince, I forgive Coffee Prince most sins. No Min Woo has apparently chosen the role because he wants to “break away from the cold image he has has portrayed until now” (Soompi). I get that–wanting to grow and push yourself as an actor–but usually aren’t nice, warm guys headed dangerously close to B-Lead territory?

Again though, to be honest, I’m not sure if I completely buy him as a lead actor. Not my fault–as looking again at his filmography, I’m not seeing a lot of lead roles there. My favorite role of his is Pasta, where he is not only not a lead or a b-lead, he’s just a small side character–an awesome side character–but a side character never the less. So maybe he’s looking for that role which will finally push him over to the other-side–the hero side.

As, because of my never ending love of his character in Pasta, I’ll continue to root for him. From the sidelines. Unless he ever does a drama that I’ll be remotely interested in seeing–because looking hat his work, I think he’s deliberately choosing things that make me go…meh.

Bad form, No Min Woo, bad form–why you got to treat a fan that way??

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