Gift Ideas for the Kdrama Watcher 2

Posted by Stephanie on December 12, 2014


Kdrama christmas treeThis post is not for you. I repeat, this post is NOT for you! Instead it’s for the person in your life who may possibly be purchasing a gift for you this holiday season (if you were a good girl or boy). Your job is to print this post out and leave it casually around where others may see it. Don’t worry, Stephanie will make sure your holiday is Kdrama filled.

Dear Loved Ones of Kdrama Lovers,
The holidays are almost here and I’m sure you’re wondering what to get that special person in your life who is currently addicted to Drama of the Korean sort. Don’t worry, Crazy For Kdrama is here to make your holiday shopping a little easier.
1) Idol socks


Yes, these socks look like belong on a 5 year old–DON’T JUDGE OUR FANDOM! These can be found on Amazon. Wondering which idol to choose? Simply sneak a look at the cell phone–who is that pretty-pretty young man (or men) gracing her wallpaper? Well, hello sir, meet the bias.

2) Chromecast


A great way to watch Kdrama directly on the TV. Yes, this means Kdrama will move from the computer to the TV, but it’s Christmas–regrets are for later.

3) Subscriptions to Viki, DramaFever, SoompiTVholida1

The Kdrama watcher now has lots of options for watching their favorite shows–now you can give it to them with no commericals.

4) External Hard-drive

external hard drive

The better to house our growing addiction! I just splurged on a 4T for myself and I’m in love.

5) Book, Birth of Korean Cool by Euny Hong

birth of korean cool

A great book on the birth of the Hallyu wave.

6) Memebox.


No, this is not a box of funny internet pictures. Memebox is a website where you can order Korean cosmetics! Sound daunting? Don’t worry, go to this link and you can choose a box which is filled with 4-7 FULL SIZED items and deluxe samples of makeup, skincare, and hair and body products. Trust me, the Kdrama lover in your life, will squeeee with delight.

7) Flat Chopsticks and Ramen Pot


I know this sounds pretty basic–but trust me to a drama fan this is like magic! Make sure the pot looks like this! Choosing any old metal pot will not work–they will know and you will get stink eye.

8) Learning Korean books.

Korean Made Easy 1+2+3

If you’re loved one is watching Kdrama, then part of them have a desire to learn the language. May I suggest the Korean Made Easy collection. They are books/workbooks which also come with a CD.

9) It’s called a piggy-bunny.

pig rabbit

One part pig-one part bunny-all parts awesome.

10) Selfie-stick

Song Jae Rim Kim So Eun

Yep. It’s a stick that helps take selfies. In a pinch it’s also a great way to get photos during the next Kpop concert.


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