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Posted by Stephanie on December 16, 2014

Casting News

three meals a say fishing village

Well isn’t this another funny coincidence? Last week No Min Woo was up in the Khottie battle and news was released on his joining a new drama. This week? Cha Seung Won is up in the semi finals and what do we have? News of his next project.

It seems like I have a very strong magic in my hands. I must remember to use it only for good!

Na PD has picked his next victems! The brilliant antagonist producer of the Grandpas Over Flowers, Noonas Over Flowers, Youths Before Flowers, and the latest Three Meals A Day released information on his next project. As Na PD is a bit of a ratings get (Three Meals A Day, the super basic variety show where his usual target for pain, Seo-jin, matched with Taecyeon have to cook–you guessed it–three meals a day, has received unexpectedly great ratings especially considering it’s a cable show.) everyone has been eagerly awaiting this news. And it’s pretty much as odd as the rest of his shows.

Billed as a spinoff of Three Meals A Day, the show will be a fishing show featuring none other than Cha Seung Won! Now, I’ve never seen Cha Seung Won in a variety show, but he seems like an awesome person with a big personality, so I can only imagine he would be great in it. Now he’s not a going to be donning the hip-waders alone (You know, if Korean fisherman wear hip-waders) he’ll be joined by Yoo Hae Jin (no idea who this person is, so less excited about that) and, get this–Jang Geun Suk!

Jang Geun Suk? Doing variety? Holy smokes! My excitement for this show increased tenfold. My heart always has a little soft spot for the weirdness that is Jang Geun Suk. Even his super arrogance and ‘I’m so freaking awesome’, self-proclaimed ‘Prince of Asia’ title makes me go, “Oh, aren’t you cute?”.

I’m wondering about his casting though–it seems such a change for him. You know what keeps lurking in the back of my mind? Do you think because his last 2 dramas bombed he realized he needs to do some career CPR, stat? Yes, people know he’s a great actor, but maybe he’s just not pushing himself hard enough in the roles he takes. (Although, I did really like him in Love Rain). I think he needs one good role, one out of the box chance to put him back on track. Could this random fishing show be the thing?

I certainly hope so as, like I said, soft mushy part of my heart for him. His personality is so weird and off-beat (when he moves past the ego) I think that there is a chance he’ll be really funny here. Oooh! Here’s a thought–could this show do to Jang Geun Suk what We Got Married is doing for Song Jae Rim??

Come on Jang Gun Suk, you can do it!

The show with no name will begin fishing filming next month and we’ll get our first glimpse sometimes early next year. Or I hope we will get a glimpse–sometimes it’s hit or miss if they are subbed here.

Sidenote: Turns out I’ve seen Yoo Hae Jin in Pirates and Tazza 2.

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