Son Ye Jin—Stop Stalking Me!

Posted by Stephanie on December 18, 2014


pirates 19I can’t tell you how many times I’ve laughed through My Chilling Romance or wept through A Moment To Remember. As a not super lover of Korean Movies, they both rank up within my top 10. My Chilling Romance is funny, and scary, and super romantic all in one sweep. A Moment To Remember is crazy romantic, showing within just two hours the creation of one of the best couples, before ripping it all away, dashing you to tears. Both movies have high production values, are well written and very well acted.

It wasn’t until just now, like two years later, that I realized—Son Ye Jin is actually the heroine in both dramas. This might be old hat news to you, but for me? That old hat was blown from my head. I know, I know, you’re probably like—how did you not know this? Did you watch both movies with your eyes closed? To which I say—yes, yes I always make it a habit of watching subtitled movies with my eyes closed—learning Korean by osmosis.

How did I finally figure this out? Watching the holiday movies over at OKC, I just happened to put My Chilling Romance on Monday and A Moment to Remember the same week on Thursday. It was (embarrassingly) a good halfway through the second movie that I realized it was her. The lightbulb went on. Heyyyyy… wait a minute!

I really have no excuse either, I know who Son Ye Jin is, this fall I watched her kick a great deal of pirate, navy, and bandit ass in Pirates. I knew I’d seen her before—and after the movie, looked up her filmography and realized it was My Chilling Romance. I guess my eyes just stopped there and didn’t go further down her filmography.

Way to be thorough, Stephanie. You’re a crack researcher.

Since knowing she was in Pirates and My Chilling Romance, I’d started to become a fan of hers—however now that I know she was the girl in A Moment to Remember? I think I might have a girl crush.

Then no more than two days later, on the train, I decided to continue on my plodding through all the back episodes of Running Man. I’d had episode 69 on my phone forever, and I had just kept watching it over and over again because I couldn’t be bothered to remember to put new ones on there. That day, I finally pulled up episode 70. And who’s there? You guessed it.

Son Ye Jin.Son Ye Jin running man 2

It was actually the special with three of the cast members from My Chilling Romance! What the—? Three different shows within one week and they all had Son Ye Jin? Guys. I think she might be stalking me.

And I couldn’t be more pleased.

Sometimes my love for people can be made or broken over a Running Man appearance. If the guest dominates and does a really good job? There is just something alluring and a little bit sexy in that. Guests who’ve benefited from the Running Man bump? Jung Woo Sung, Gong Yoo, Choi Min Soo, Rain, and Woo Bin. Now if someone is bad? Or worse—wienie? I have a hard time taking them seriously afterwards. Who is included here? Sorry Kim Soo Hyun. Oh, and the lead of Assorted Gems? He came off as a total ass-hat in his episode, and I now have trouble rewatching that drama.

When she got everyone to buy that she didn’t know ripping off the name tag would get Kwang Soo out? Brilliant.son ye jin running man

I’m happy to say, Son Ye Jin killed it! Girl crush complete!! She was smart, wily, and super competitive—and I now want to be BFFs with her. My enjoyment of her was so big that I didn’t even mind that much that Lee Min Ki was pretty much a dud who disappeared into the background. (Bummer.)

Now I’m off to go check out the rest of my new BFF’s filmography. First off I see that she was in Shark—which is funny, as I put that one on my TBWList after seeing Pirates—as I finally moved past my distaste for the creepy facial hair and became a fan of Kim Nam Gil. Yep, the two were paired up in another drama, and I hadn’t made that connection either.

Seriously. I should have my blogger status stripped from me.

Anywhoo. Son Ye Jin. Good actress, great Running Man member, new favorite actress.

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