Musical Monday: The Illionare Edition

Posted by Stephanie on December 29, 2014


Oh yeah, Monday night and I’m just now posting Musical Monday–what can I say? I’ve spent the entire weekend cramming in as much Kdrama as I possibly could. I swear after this project is done I’m going to need a good break–or at least that what my butt tells me I need to do.

So, in the terms of kdrama watching, I’m literally unable to multi-task unless that other task is randomly chatting with friends on Facebook Messenger about the current drama I’m watching. (Ask Cherry Cordial about some panicked late-night texts as I was watching It’s Okay, That’s Love…) so long story short, no multitasking means a very late Musical Monday.

Not to mention–I think I’m running a little dry on the Kpop well. I see in the very near future I’m going to be spending some quality time with Youtube and spreadsheets.
In the pinch, I was reminded of this song that I have actually listened to a bunch of times but never mentioned it–probably because it doesn’t have a video–but you guys won’t mind an MV less song, right? I love the beat of this song the song itself reminds me of some of my favorite MIB songs–I’m sure people who enjoy the harder sound like Illionare would scoff at my comparison–but there it is.
I’ve also been aware of Illionare as he’s worked with Bobby on a song and since I’m a little obsessed with Bobby…. note was taken.
As I write this I’m hunkered down at the Starbucks listening to the song on repeat and I can’t stop my head from bobbing in time to the music–especially the chorus. As I’m wearing a giant scarf and poofy earmuffs, it’s quite a sight but it’s a mark as to how much I like the song to say, go ahead and stare, I couldn’t stop if I wanted too.
Illionare, Link (Featuring Mc Meta)

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