What A Difference A Teaser Makes: Kill Me, Heal Me

Posted by Stephanie on December 31, 2014


Aaaand I’m out. Sorry Ji Sung–maybe next time. Although since your last drama I had no interest in seeing and watching this teaser killed any interest I may have had for watching Kill Me, Heal Me, the chances of you choosing anything I’m actually going to go through with watching? Slim to awww….hellz no.

Why do you have to go and be like that?

I was with this drama during the first mention of it, even though it sounded suspiciously similar to the the other multiple personality dramas out there. I cheered when they originally cast Mr Crooked Dimples, Lee Seung Gi as the hero with seven personalities. Then when Lee Seung Gi backed out and the producers snatched up Ji Sung? There was polite cheering.

Then the teaser was released.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOmQ-RuOYcw&w=647&h=363]

And…ugh. Yeah, that pretty much covers it–ugh. Complete with a distasteful nose wrinkle.

I know this is not going to be a popular opinion–and I’m ready for that. From the start I knew we had no idea what sort of tone they were going to go with this drama–it could go the dark and melo or the light-hearted fun. Looks like they’re attempting plan B.

I like Ji Sung, I really do. And it’s not like I haven’t seen him play the ridiculous before–come on–who didn’t love him in Protect the Boss? But I think I can tell where this is going and I just don’t like it.

Kind of funny, I was originally worried with the casting of Lee Seung Gi, wondering if he could pull off a character with 7 personalities, it’s part of why I was okay when he decided to give it a big pass. But you know what? Looking at this teaser, my brain keeps thinking what a great job Lee Seung Gi would do here. I don’t know–I think I’d buy the cutesy-quirky characters more. As I type this I see the picture of Ji Sung and the bear and it just irritates me. I don’t buy it.

Maybe I’m just cranky.

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