Musical Monday: The MC Mong Edition

Posted by Stephanie on January 12, 2015


mc mong

It’s MC Mong! Do you know him? While I know of him due all in part to his past scandals, but I’d never bothered to listened to his actual music. Until now. Well, more like 2 weeks ago on my last trip to Flushing while paying for my purchase at Skin Food, the sales lady was jamming out to a song. Full on bobbing the head, mouthing the words sort of jamming to the song. As I liked the song, I asked  her who it was.

Enter MC Mong.

Surprisingly I really liked the song, enough to make it Musical Monday–so why is that song not the song featured here? It’s all about the MV or in the case of that song–the lack of MV. So instead we’re here with his lead song, Miss Me Or Diss Me, which is also pretty good but I’m mostly fascinated with his provocative, eye stick poking, ‘yeah I’m talkin’ to you’ lyrics.

In case you don’t know about his scandal and consequent forced hiatus from the entertainment world, he was accused of shirking his military service by faking bad teeth or getting teeth removed when he didn’t need to. Anyway, he’s been pretty much banned from everywhere, and even now with his comeback there is still a lot of MC Mong haters. It’s so bad that if other entertainment people are seen as to be supporting him, they get bad press for it.

So now filled in, check out his song (if you click the CC is fully subbed) and excellent video.

MC Mong, Miss Me Or Diss Me

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