Top 5 Shows of 2014 That Gave Stephanie Cranky-pants

Posted by Stephanie on January 13, 2015

Top Five

crankypantsSometimes we hear about dramas so far in advance, we have preconceived notions of what they are going to be, or more importantly, what we want them to be. Then by the time they finally come along and we settle in, ready to be entertained, something happens and pins are pricked in our hope balloons are popped. Or sometimes a we’ll be sitting there, loving the heck out of a drama, thinking it will be the best of the best and then again, that something happens, and our dreams are dashed. This is my list of my most disappointing dramas, or more importantly, dramas which gave Stephanie cranky-pants.

Tomorrow Cantibletomorrow cantabile 2

I know the way I was bitching and complaining from the moment they announced the Nodame Cantible remake—so much so I’m sure you’re surprised I actually sat down and watched it—no more so than I. But you know what? I liked it. They toned down some of the kook and created a solid relationship between the hero and heroine. So why the cranky, huh? Two word: No. Freaking. Kiss. Okay, so that’s three words. I don’t even think it was the fact that there wasn’t just no kiss—come on contrary to popular beliefs—I’m neither a boy-crazy teenager nor am I a horn-dog old lady but not only was there no kiss, but the way the hero actively avoided kissing her (even after they were together) made me not only wonder about their long term outlook but maybe…possibly…question HERO’s sexuality.

So Tomorrow Cantible for making me turn around on my original position and actually making me consider this might be a really good show only to leave me with a bad taste in my mouth—you get put on the cranky-pants list.


In A Good WayIn a good way

Oh In a Good Way, how I loved thee. I loved your pacing, your almost complete lack of a plot, your no makjang (or the TWDrama equivalent), and most especially squee worthy, your main couple. I had big giant love for you. And then, with the finish line in sight, you go and RUIN it. You took this super cute show of rainbows and loveliness, decided “Hey, we need a plot” gave it the worst plot that no one cared about and then not only messed with our OTP, but then left us hanging with an ambiguous ending. For you drama writers? I shall never forgive you for this. Do you hear me? This is me, raising my fist to the sky and cursing you and whoever was responsible for wrecking this for me.


Trot Loverstrot lovers

I’ll admit it—I never actually watched Trot Lovers. So how can I put it on this list you ask? Shouldn’t I give everything a chance? Uhhh…no snooty drama watcher (who probably, deep down has a point) Stephanie has no time for such shenanigans. So why is it on this list? Here’s the thing—I may not have watched it—but I had wanted to. When news first came out of the drama, I was very excited. Since Answer Me 1997 and her career altering appearance on Barefoot Friends, I’ve been a big fan of Jung Eun Ji and I’ve wanted to see her get more drama work. The plot sounded cute, record producer discovers musical talent who only wants to sing trot music. An actual talented actor hero fresh from the his military service. What could go wrong? Teasers. Dude—that show looked TERRIBLE! Instantly turned my anticipation for the drama to loathing and I never quite recovered.

Hormones 2hormones 2

You’re probably saying “Hormones what?” and I wouldn’t blame you. A last minute addition to my 2014 drama watching list, Hormones 2, a Thai high school drama has periodically popped up in my Tumblr feed with the cutest gif sets of this gay couple. I’ll admit it—I’m a sucker for a cute gay couple storyline (see my love for Life Is Beautiful) so, finding the complete season on Youtube, I kicked off the new years watching all 13 episodes. Only to find that my super cute gay couple? Are a sub-sub-sub plot that didn’t even work out in the end anyway! (Although I will say I literally could not stop watching this drama—it was crack on a plate!)

Ghost Seeing Detective Cheo Yongghost seeing detective cheo yong

Ghost Seeing Detective, how could this go wrong? Blindingly hot age appropriate lead, great effects, compelling storyline, how could this go wrong? Follow through. This show had no follow through. The writer went around in circles writing interesting plots or character traits only to leave them hanging. It’s like the writer was a dog who kept getting distracted by something shiny. They never addressed key issues, you know like the ‘hero’ not telling the girl she was being haunted by her dead school friend for the entire drama, never explaining to the heroine that she was being taken over by said dead friend even though he knew she was breaking down mentally over thinking there was something wrong with her, and then, to top it all off—doing a complete 180 on the ending obviously in hopes for a season 2. Well, Mr or Ms Writer, you may get your second season—it’s cable stranger things have happened—but I certainly won’t be watching it.

Honorable Mention: Can We Love–great main couple, bad rest of the drama.

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