Top Five Favorite Couples of 2014

Posted by Stephanie on January 15, 2015

Top Five

Graphic favorite couplesWhat do we want? Couples! When do we want them? RIGHT NOW! Seriously, if you don’t fork over good couples, we are fully prepared to riot in the streets. Think I’m joking? Go ahead and try us.

Good couples make me happy. Good couples can go a long way to making a bad drama better or by making a good drama just that much better. Seriously, not kidding, I’ve stuck it through many the bad drama because I’ve loved the couple (one of them being on this very list). What goes into a good couple? Well, good writing, acting, and most especially chemistry between the two actors.

Here’s my list of Top 5 favorite couples of 2014:

Can We LoveCan We Love

I don’t remember a lot about this drama. I think I may have protectively numbed my brain to the train wreck that it became. Why? Why show, why? Why did you have to take what I loved (this couple) and put them into such forced melodrama? Anyway, this couple was so freaking cute, the director and the single mom, just being all cute and quirky together. As much as I ended up hating the drama (oh how it’s all coming back to me now), I’m so temped to do a highlight rewatch just to see these two. Also? Total sidenote–I’m currently contemplating getting her bangs.

You’re All SurroundedYou're All Surrounded

This is one of the few dramas I have successfully simulcast. While I didn’t love Seung Gi’s character to start, as he opened or, to be more exact, she opened him with her warmth, determination and understanding, my heart went all warm and gushy. When he gave her the mp3 player with the song which so perfectly spoke of his feelings, the ones he couldn’t tell her, and then when she gave him the band-aid to fix his broken heart? I luf them.

Full House (Thai)full house thai

While I had big issues with the hero and his obsessive obsession with the, in my point of view, manipulative uber bitch of a second lead, when he forgot her and just focused on the real heroine, they were so freaking ridiculously cute. They played together, made googlie eyes at each other, and had so much chemistry it blows the Korean edition of this drama out of the water.


It’s Okay That’s LoveIt's Okay That's Love

This one is probably no surprise–how can my favorite drama of the year not contain my favorite couple? They were just perfect for each other, both bent in their own ways. This pair made me laugh, sigh (when he kept telling her despite his hound dog demeanor he would be a good and devoted boyfriend–and then he was? Le Sigh. When they would have those phone conversations and after hanging up each saying he/she’s just my style? Squeee.) and of course, they made me cry. (They loved each other so much and to see the reality of what they were put through and not, as a watcher, sure just how they were going to make it through? Waaaaah!)


Discovery of RomanceDiscovery of Romance

My only side couple on the list, this pair just made me happy. The scene when they finally get together and then when you see them, a year later, still so happy together? I rewatched it again and again (and if I had to be completely honest, again and again and again) what can I say, I’m a sucker for a super cute couple. They had the cutest relationship throughout the drama, first as basically brother and sister (ew, not in a gross way, more in a fighty protective way) to make their way to crazy cute super awesome couple? This is my first drama where I legitimately loved the secondary couple more than the main one. When I think back on the drama I get the urge to rewatch–just them.

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