Musical Monday: The Bandmaroo Edition

Posted by Stephanie on January 19, 2015



On a long, long train ride I spent a great deal of time watching videos and prowling Youtube for new Musical Mondays–well–in between watching Buzzfeed videos.

Anyway, this time around I wasn’t having much luck with the Kindie music group Mirrorball which is where I find most of my lesser known music, but then I finally stumbled on this one. I’ll be honest, the reason the video caught my eye was the name of the band. Maroo makes me think of Maru which reminds me of the heroine screeching for her fake brother in Can You Hear My Heart.

While I like the music, I think the video and the band are just adorable. And I would really like to know, 1) what I said, 2) what she said and 3) if they actually figured out where all the flower boys went to.
Bandmaroo, Where Is the Flower Boy


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