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Posted by Stephanie on February 1, 2015


Running Man 26

I did it guys, I did it! As previously mentioned, my big plan for my trip to Vermont was to introduce my friends the McFeeley’s to Korean Food and, most importantly, Running Man. One went over a lot better than the other and I’ll allow you to guess which one was which.

Luckily, my friends love me and were open to whatever I wanted to do…the things you can get away with when you haven’t seen people for over a year.

I started out the night with a table full of Korean food. Or more to the point, I hauled the ingredients for a table of Korean food from New York City to Vermont. (Yes, I remembered 2 different types of kimchi and yet only packed 3 shirts and one pair of socks, priorities people, priorities.) I wish I’d gotten more pictures as it was all almost very photogenic, but at that point I’d been cooking and chopping for hours and was simply spent.


On the menu was steamed eggs, kimbap, bibimbap, japjae noodles, and soondubu jjigae. (And yes, there was massive amounts of leftovers which Sean ate then took to work for lunch every day.) Me, who doesn’t cook Korean food very well, was actually pretty impressed with how well almost everything came out–the one exception being was the japjae noodles which were pretty bland. Also, I’ll most definitely be making the bibimbap again.

So bellies full, we moved onto the entertainment part of the evening–which if you hadn’t guessed–was Running Man. As I had talked it up to them for years now, I was actually pretty nervous as the time ticked down. I hadn’t narrowed down an episode, and, of course, there was always the chance that they wouldn’t like it!

Finally forced to make a decision, I went with the first episode with JYP. It was what turned me into a fan, and it worked on my friend Kate, so I decided to go with tried and true. Luckily, it was a win! They completely loved it! Not only did they love it, but now they want to plan their own Vermont version of the game. And who can blame them? Who hasn’t sat there watching Running Man and thought, I WANT TO DO THIS!?

Throughout the week we watched that first episode, the Ultimate Running Man Survivor Game, and then the first episode of the Australian trip. While they haven’t learned anyones names, they do love Giraffe and got ultimate Running Man fan, Thea to make them their own version of the chant. Mc-Feeley-CROSS!2015-01-17-17-55-10_deco

Now though, they want to know some of the games that are fun and easy to do in Vermont, without a Running Man budget. I’m trying to be of help, but as I’ve been on a big Running Man Kick, trying to watch from the beginning, all the episodes are kind of blending together. So basically, I’m of little help. But I know there are lots of Running Man fans out there. Running Man obsessees per say, who may be able to help my friends the McFeeley’s bring their Vermont Running Man dreams to life. Can you suggest some games or episodes for them to check out? Also, have any of you guys out there been successful in turning any non-kdrama watching friends and loved ones into Running Man fans?

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