Musical Monday: Stephanie’s Kpoptastic Playlist Edition

Posted by Stephanie on February 2, 2015


If you don’t listen to the podcast (first off, why are you not? We’re delightful!) you missed my (again, delightful) story about how I’ve become friends with the Korean guy who works at the Korean market around the corner from my house (dude! I live in a place now that has a Korean vegetable market around the corner–sometimes it still blows my mind). Anyway this guy–who is probably one of the friendliest people I’ve met in all of my time here–only works there a couple of times a week and I’ve been trying to figure out a way to weasel my love of Korean whatnots into the conversation without me bursting out:


Ahem. I don’t think that’s something I can come back from. About a month ago, it finally happened. It started with an innocent comment about kimchi, and the flood gates were open. You watch Korean movies and TV? YES!!! I do! I love it! Since then whenever I pop in we have snippets of Korean centered conversation (it’s actually a super busy shop so it we can’t say much).

First he asked me if I watched movies and which ones were my favorites and I tried to come up with a list that would make me seem both smart and interesting. He was suprised when I said A Moment To Remember and suggested another tear-jerker–Shades of Blue. Next time he asked me if I listened to Korean music. HELLS YEAH! I literally had to hold onto the happy dance when he asked me who I listened to. When he said, do you know 2ne1? I almost laughed at him. Come on, who doesn’t know 2ne1. Turns out he loves to work out to kpop. And who doesn’t? Nothing better than working out to Kpop.

I love how I always manage to suprise him with my kick-ass kpop…well, k-everything knowledge. And I also love that I have someone I can talk about it with.

Long story long, the other day he said, “Hey, have you heard of Epik High? They’re great, I just started listening to them.” and I was shocked. He hadn’t heard of Epik High before? He knew of Drunken Tiger but didn’t know they were still putting out music, let alone their work as MFBTY? It was time for a Stephanie intervention–by way of an old school mixed tape. I scrolled through my favorites and put together this list. Here was my critera. I left out things like BigBang, Super Junior, and 2NE1, as I knew he knew who were they were. For the most part I put in the harder rock/rap’y ones as as it seems as though like me, that was more his style. And finally–I put in a few of my personal favorites like (of course) Nell, B1A4 and Black Skirts.

I gave him the disk and he seemed to be super excited about it (which is good as I was afraid I’d come off more stalker-ish) and he said of all the people he sees during the day he’d had no idea it would be someone like me who was into k-everything.

Watch out–I’ve got layers people! Or at least one. But that’s enough for me.

Stephanie’s Kpoptastic Playlist

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