Saeguk Rantypants

Posted by Stephanie on February 3, 2015


I have a question for you. Is there like some sort of Kdrama rule that I don’t know about which says that every single saeguk made has to revolve around political intreque? Think I’m kidding? Think back. Can you recall one? If you say Sungkyungkwan Scandal, then you are forgetting the later episodes—as I’m sure we’d all like to.

Political drama are not high on my TBWList whether they contemporary, and especially if they are set in the past. You just can’t win or fight against that amount of absolute power and that just frustrates me–and don’t we have enough in our lives to frustrate us without our dramas doing that for us?

You know what I’d love to see? Something in the style of a weekend family drama which just happens to be in the past. Wouldn’t that be interesting? Part of the reason that I like the family dramas is they are light on the big evil and heavy on just showcasing everyday life and relationships. I’m more interested in the actual life of regular people rather than the machinations of the futile political system.

Why do I choose now to put on a pair of my ranty-pants?

Well, it’s time for the big saeguk of the year to start revving up it’s gears. For 2015 the drama in question is Hwajeong starring Cha Seung Won and now Kim Jae Won. While I like Cha Seung Won, I’ve been waiting for a while for Kim Jae Won to do another project I actually wanted to watch. See, I loved him in Can You Hear My Heart, I always wonder what Me Too, Flower! would have been like if he’d been able to stay on as the lead (not that that I would ever want Yoon Shi Yoon to have not have replaced him, he was amaze-balls in it and saying that would have my YSY fangirl status stripped from me. I just get curious sometimes.) and his dramas which came after, I just didn’t have any interest in watching. I’m almost thinking at this point, I’ve angered him in some way and he’s joining all these dramas just to spite me.

And a saeguk just may be what cements that theory into place.

I guess, career wise it’s probably a good move for him, considering how big this thing is going to be. While Kim Jae Won is a good, solid actor, he hasn’t quite reached top star level. Maybe this will do it for him–especially since he appears to be playing the big baddie (a king or future king, who else). And then maybe he’ll do more projects and then maybe he’ll move past whatever it was I did to him and finally throw me a romantic comedy bone.


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