Thai Dramas, Not My Cup of Tea

Posted by Stephanie on February 8, 2015


Thai dramasAnd according to the conversation we had on Twitter this weekend, I am not alone.

As I said, I’m not as familiar with Thai dramas, I might be tuned into the wrong networks but I just don’t see as much information about them as I do on Kdrama. However, Tumblr and Youtube seem to have made some sort of dark pact, determined to do their part to get me to watch. They have both figured out that I’m a sucker for two things, super squeeee worthy romantic couples and, embarrassing to admit, gay romances. (DON’T JUDGE ME!) Now, the first time that Tumblr and YouTube plotted against me, throwing a drama in front of me, it totally worked out. The drama was Life Is Beautiful and as it had the mother load, a super squeee worthy romantic couple, who happened to be gay. Win, win! Both companies did their part, Tumblr with the warm fuzzy Gifs and Youtube with the fan made super cuts (videos of all the cute couple moments set to an appropriately gushy love song).

These guys should have quit while they were ahead.

Next was the Thai version of Full House and admittedly, this drama was not terrible. It had some great kisses, high production value, and a cute main lead who had chemistry up the wazoo. Unfortunately, any time the drama was about anything other than the main couple being cute with each other, the hair pulling started. The second lead girl was horrible. A bane on woman kind who, while on the outside being super successful and independent, was actually a manipulative and needy bi-ach who needed a man, any man, it didn’t matter which one, to take care of her. And the heroes pathological need too take care of her, despite this because of a promise he made when they were children drove me crazy.

If that was the high side of Thai dramas, or Lakorns as they are known, what were the low? Again, because of Tumblr, Youtube, and…..ahem….cute gay stories, I watched Hormones 2 and Love Sick the Series. This is where it started to go terribly wrong. Again though, this is probably not all Thai dramas fault, both of theses dramas are high school shows, which have never been my thing, and ongoing series, which I abhor more than tooth decay. In my defense though, I didn’t realize Love Sick was actually just the first season, as season 2 still has not come out yet.

Ugh! I hate ongoing shows! Onesory/one season is why I started watching kdrama. Shows that have multiple seasons, so there is never an end planned, so couplehood for those you may have rooted for in the beginning may not actually make it to the end of the series is disheartening. In Hormones 2, the gay storyline (which ended up being a much smaller part of the show than I was led to believe) I originally rooted for the one couple to get together but when that couple didn’t work out and the nice one of the pair started to have his own romance with someone who was actually not an inconsiderate butt-hole, I rooted for that new couple. Problem? At the end of the drama the new guy was all like, umm… you thought I was gay? I’m not gay, I was just being nice. Gay couple blocked, twice in one drama? I was beyond cranky. Come on, those are hours and hours of my life I couldn’t get back!

In the third drama, Love Sick, which to be honest, I’m making my peace with the more space I have from it, while the entire story was based around the developing relationship of this gay couple, and they had many a super cute scene, they also ended up–not together! Now, since it is just the first season, I still have hopes that by the end of it they will end up together, but that means I’ll have to stick around for the whole thing. And as it is the beginning, just how many seasons do you think the writers will drag it out for?

Characters up the wazoo! I’m not sure if it’s Thai dramas in general or just the few that I’ve seen, but they’ve got a huge resembled cast, which means lots and lots of storylines, many of them I have very little interest in. It’s interesting as, since being dropped off this cliffhanger of Love Sick, I learned it was based off a web book and in my need to find out what happens, I’ve located a translated copy of it (or an ongoing translation as the book is 67 chapters and she’s translated her way through 50 of them–so if she continues on her one a week schedule I still have 17 weeks to find out if all my efforts are in vain and they don’t actually end up together.) and unlike the tv drama, there are actually very few characters. This means the writers just added a bunch of extra junk into the mix in order to fill out the show.

In Hormones 2, which had even more characters and each storyline took it’s turn being the main plot (Love Sick was the main couple and then stories around them) and it seemed like because there were so many, or because they were trying to be the edgy drama, more and more crazy things happen. This was makjang on crack. Within this single season we had: drug addiction, stalkers, unplanned pregnancies, illegal abortions, identity theft, teachers coming onto students, and rape. Oh, and that’s just the stuff that I can remember! It was crazy!

With so many characters, and storylines, it’s hard to care about them.

I also didn’t care for the roles of women, and this is where Full House can come back into the conversation. For the most part, the women in these dramas were big jerks! Manipulative pieces of fluff who needed to depend on the men around them. It could be a cultural thing, it could be just the writer trying to create plots, but whatever it is, it irritates me.

Going back to the gay thing. I do like that Thailand is open to having gay storylines. They aren’t afraid to have two guys being super cute together–until the end. While I may not be super versed in Lakorns, I’ve seen a lot of Thai movies (thanks, Youtube) and it’s fairly rare (from all the ones that I’ve seen) for the couple to actually end up together in the end. Usually something horrible happens either ripping the couple apart (many times in death) or they decide to go their separate ways. So it’s okay for them to get together, just not end up together happily in the end? Uncool man, uncool. It leaves one with a bad taste in the mouth.

These may seem like petty things. It may also be that you think I should keep trying–and you could be right. But right now, Thai dramas just aren’t working out for me, and while I could keep trying, I barely have time for the Korean dramas on my plate. So, as much as Tumblr and Youtube try to keep luring me into them, I’m just going to say no. No, I don’t have time for you. No, I don’t’ believe the show is going to be as good as you make it loo. And no, you can’t make me.

Who’s with me? Or even who doesn’t agree? Is there something I’m missing?

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  • Reply K December 27, 2015 at 2:54 am

    Watch season 2 of Love Sick. There’s a reason it said it would be back for a season 2. The ending didn’t mean that Noh and Phun wouldn’t end up together. It hinted that things between them weren’t quite over.

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