Musical Monday: The Hyehwadong Boy Edition

Posted by Stephanie on February 9, 2015


It’s time for a slooow jam. Although the song isn’t that slow, more….earnest? But doesn’t time for an earnest jam sound…dumb? Just a little?

Actually, it’s another little gem from the Mirrorball Music channel on Youtube. I’m telling you if your tastes run outside the pop-y/rap realm, there is still Korean music out there to be had and I really recommend this channel to keep your ear to the ground. While I don’t love everything they promote every now and then I’ll come across a real gem like this (and of course the band I’ve had on repeat for the last week now Jun Bum Sun & the Yangbans).

Why did I choose to click on this song? It’s the giant teddy bear-headed man of course. How can you not look at that cover picture and not go, “What the fudge? This I’ve got to see”. So I did. And I really, really like it. What can I say, I’m a sucker for an earnest song. From the words (you know, being that they are in Korean) I can’t tell if it’s a good earnest or a bad earnest, so you just have to go with the feeling the tone gives you–and to me (despite the teddy bear-headed man) it just seems sad. Like he’s yearning for something. As I’ve had some seriously crappy couple of weeks, it just suits my mood and, this is going to sound completely overly dramatic, but it speaks to my heart. I can just feel it.

Dear Goodness, I hope he’s not talking about how he’s in love with the teddy bear-headed man and how he’d like for them to go to the circus and eat ham sandwiches because that would make the whole speaking to my heart thing seem even sillier.

Hyehwadong Boy, Uncatchable Person

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