What A Difference A Teaser Makes: Superdaddy Yeol

Posted by Stephanie on March 7, 2015


super daddy yeolAwww…it’s my first post shut down teaser entry. And in the spirit of the teaser post, I’d like to say it made me either really want to watch the show or turn me away forever–but I’m left with exactly what I came in with a big case of the ‘eh’s’.

To be honest, I don’t actually want to watch the show. The premise, woman dying of some sort of illness looking for a new family for her daughter, convinces her sad sack slacker ex-boyfriend to marry her. Why is this not my cup of tea? I’m not a huge fan of the slacker sad sack heroes and, it’s the dying thing. Maybe the show will surprise us and they will fall in love (of course they will) and then–she’ll surprise live! But you know what, people? I’ve fallen for that hope before. Sitting in on an entire drama thinking, no, she won’t actually die in the end, and then yep, you guessed it–she dies in the end. So I will not be fooled again. Do you hear me kdrama? I shall not be fooled by your chicanery again!

Not to mention that seems like a real asshat thing to do. Know you’re dying and trick the man who has never gotten over you to marry you so you can then break his heart again? Yeah, that just gives me a case of the warm fuzzies I tell you.

On the other hand, maybe she’ll teach him to get over his slacker gross ways and will help him find a nice girl who really loves him and who will be there, ready to remarry him when the lady ultimately dies.

So if I have no interest in the actual story, why am I actually contemplating watching this? Three Words. Lee. Dong. Gun. Or two words depending on where you decide to break up his name. As we all know, I have a soft spot for this actor and have had since seeing him in When It’s At Night. I just wish he would choose better dramas! I tried, I’m telling you I tried really hard to stick it out with Marry Him If You Dare, but I just couldn’t do it. And now here it is, years later, and when he finally settles on another drama, he chooses this? Harumph. It’s almost as if he is trying to drive away my affection. And yet, here it stays.

The teaser sums up, pretty much exactly what you thought the drama was going to be, so no real surprises here, no tilting the balance. However, it’s tvN, so I’m fairly certain we’re going to have at least three teasers more before the drama premiers, so maybe something will sway us in one of those.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PX5ja1O2Kek]


  • Reply Lady G. March 7, 2015 at 8:37 pm

    That is an hilarious trailer. Farted in the girl’s face. bwahaha! But I’m not keen on the plot. I love father-daughter scenarios, so that’s a plus. But I don’t like manipulative women like that. Dying or not.

    I have the same thought, I’m watching this to see Lee Dong Gun! I couldn’t take Marry Him if you dare though. Everything was lacking, story, chemistry. I only like Han Chae Ah, but she’s one of my favorite actresses who never gets a lead role.

    • Reply crazyforkdrama March 12, 2015 at 7:54 pm

      Manipulative women. Ugh. Me neither.

      Did you see him in When It’s At Night? Wasn’t he great?

      • Reply Lady G. March 12, 2015 at 9:16 pm

        That’s one of my favorite dramas because he’s in it! Loved the soundtrack too.

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