Musical Monday: The Anyband Edition

Posted by Stephanie on March 9, 2015



Just in case any of you thought my Junsu obsession was starting to finally drop to manageable levels–oh how wrong you are. How far have I sunk? Oh yeah, I’ve even sought out the project band he was in with BoA and Tablo. Thought Flower was the first time he’d worked together with Tablo? Nope.

Anyband–part project band, part commercial, all what the fudge?

Seriously, how did this group get put together? Did they just randomly pull the names of performers out of a hat? Then look at the pieces of paper and go, “eh, okay.” No matter what it is though, it should be experienced.

If you have a Junsu obsession. Or a Tablo obsession. Or BoA. Because, you know, awwww….look how young they are!

Anyband, TPL + Promise U

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