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Guys. Seriously. Guys! I’d actually given up on one of my favorite bands, MFBTY ever coming back. And if they hadn’t I would have completely understood as they are a project band made by TigerJK, Yoon MiRae, and Bizzy. They are busy, busy people and they did come out with another release under the Drunken Tiger name.  I’d figured they’d just…let it go.

But I was wrong!!

Here we are two years later and not only are they coming out with something NEXT WEEK, but it’s going to be a full album–not one of those mini things where there are 2 songs, a remix and at least one instrumental. (Ugh, I hate that.)

Not only are they going putting out new music, lots of new music, but they are going to bring some friends along one of them being Rap Monster from BTS. How could I get more excited for MFBTY? Oh yeah, that would be to add in my favorite member from one of my other favorite groups. It’s almost like they peered into my brain and decided to give me a gift.

A sparkly, sparkly gift.

For those of you who don’t know who MFBTY (My Fans Are Better Than Yours), here is the song from their first release which hooked me, apparently for life, in the first few seconds.

MFBTY, Sweet Dreams


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