Bad News Roommate Fans (and by that I mean me)

Posted by Stephanie on March 16, 2015


roommate season 2bIt’s like the God’s of Kdrama are laughing down upon me….and not in a good way. You know how in the last podcast Cherry and I talked about how much we loved Roommate? And then how, just yesterday, I did a second post pouring out my heart in over 1000 words, my love for Jackson?

Well, today down from the mountain, word came that season two of Roommate is wrapping up and most of the cast is leaving. What the? Noooooo!

At this point I’m truly feeling like I have angered the Kdrama gods in some way. First my blog gets shuttered, then Cha Tae Hyun signs on to Gong Hyo Jin’s next drama, the show I had been eagerly awaiting it’s end so I could finally watch, (Sweden Laundry) ends and word on the street the last episode ruins it, and now this?? I’m sorry guys, my bad Kdrama Karma is now negatively affecting the rest of you.

Now, not everyone is leaving, but there is no news as to who might be sticking around for season three. There are even a few people I wouldn’t even mind seeing go–or could totally understand if they chose to do so. Like the super cute Japanese guy who–while I think he is, in fact, super cute and I’d like to give birth to our half Japanese half Yankee children, he never seemed super comfortable on the show. The guy from Flower Boy Ramyun Shop? He was never there anyway. Sunny? I know this will get me in trouble with many a fangirl, but I never warmed to her.

That being said. If this show goes on and Gook Joo, Young Ji and my beloved adorable Jackson are not there? What is the freaking point? I literally watch the show for them and if I couldn’t get my weekly dosage of Jackson cuteness? …..well lets not even go there yet.

I would like to think though, of everyone in the cast, they would probably be the most likely to stay. Young Ji is still really new to the entertainment scene and she’s been getting some nice press for this. As the newest and youngest member of Kara, I could see why she would want something to help her being up her own profile–help bring her up to the level of her other bandmates. Gook Joo looks to be doing anything she can to keep her name out there, and this is a fairly easy way to do so. As for Jackson? He just won best variety rookie for his ‘work’ here on the show. His group is still super new and this is easily helping their popularity. From what I’m reading online I’m seeing fans asking (or begging) JYP to pull him from the show because he looks so tired. And I get that, I really do, I also want him happy and healthy. Or what I’d really like to do is stick him in my pocket for safekeeping. But after knowing the lives of idols, I’m thinking this is not a terrible place for him. He shares a room with only one person, he is always fed lots of yummy food and then periodically they take him out on adventures. Plus with his personality, he must love this attention he’s getting. (Meaning how ambitious and competitive he is.)

I wonder though if even if those three people stay, if it would be the same without the dynamics of the others? I like it when Jackson and the man-child from G.O.D talk in English and are all fish-out of water together. I love seeing Jackson and his roommate Kang Joon together.

Also there’s the fact that Young Ji seems to be the only one taking care of the house dog Cucumber (my one issue with the show) so I’d be sad to see her go for that alone.

What does all this change up mean for Roommate? Who will stay? Will they change the focus again? Are they doing this because of ratings? Will my interest in the show even make it to the point where any of this matters? Who knows.

But for now? Lets console ourselves with this video of Jackson meeting the Donkey.


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