Musical Monday: The MFBTY Is Back Edition!

Posted by Stephanie on March 16, 2015


MFBTYGAH! I know if I held off writing Musical Monday long enough, MFBTY would release a MV for their new song. And it worked!

I’m so happy to have these guys back! I know they’ve done other releases since TigerJK, Yoon MiRae and Bizzy first premiered as the project group MFBTY, but they don’t quite have the same sound as this. At first I wondered why they work together under so many different names, but now I get it, each one has a different sound or feel to it. While I listen to all of them, MFBTY is absolutely my hands down favorite.

The video isn’t as bombastic and attention grabbing as Sweet Dreams, but that doesn’t mean it’s a throw away. I like the stripped down look–that it’s more about the song than the special effects. I also love how it shows just how much these guys like each other and are having fun doing this–and isn’t that what it’s all about? (Although oddly? While I’m not sure why it’s there, the air filled bag made me laugh.)

As for the song itself, I think it’s no surprise how awesome I think it is. I love the beats and all of the special guests (as I’m a huge Rap Monster fan) and I’m definately going to have to check out and see what sort of music the others do.

Oh, and the album? Hellzy yeah you’d better believe I’m going to buy it as soon as it becomes available.

Bucku, Bucku, MFBTY [윤미래.타이거JK,비지] feat. EE, Rap Monster of 방탄소년단, Dino-J


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