Fun Friday: Azy Asks, Is This A Kpop Star?

Posted by Stephanie on March 20, 2015

Fun Friday

Recently my NYC bestie and fellow blogger, Azy went on a trip to Japan and, as she insisted I would not fit into her suitcase (I even offered to pay the extra baggage fee…come on!), I had to live vicariously through her photos. Luckily she is an amazing photographer so this was an easy feat.

One of the best games Azy found herself playing was….is this a Kpop star? The rules of the game were simple. Azy would send a photo and say: Is this a Kpop star? She had varying degrees of success….

Is this a Kpop star? 

kpop star 6

Verdict: Correct! Jang Geun Suk is a big star in both Korea and Japan. Bonus points for the poster of BigBang hanging in the background.

Is this a Kpop Star?

kpop star 3

Verdict: Nope! I can see how you would be confused here. A collection of pretty young men wearing coordinating clothing, it says Kpop. However, if you look closely? The spiky hair screams Japan.

Is this a Kpop Star?

kpop star 5

Verdict: Not only are you right, you get two points for this! Meet DBSK who is now actually 2 kpop groups, TVXQ and JYJ. (And if you could steal the one at the end with the present? That is Junsu and obviously that present he’s holding is for me.)

Is this a Kpop star?

kpop star 4

Verdict: Wrong! Okay, you learned from your last wrong answer, however, this group with it’s spike-less hair is obviously trying to trick you into assuming they are Kpop bands.

Is this a Kpop star?

kpop star2

Verdict: Nein, Nein, Frauline! Better luck next time.

Is this a Kpop star?

kpop star

Verdict: While only one of them is actually a KPop star, the other is a hugely popular actor in Korea. Two megastars without their shirts on? YOU WIN ALL THE POINTS!

Good job Azy! If you’d like to read more from Azy, checkout her blog, Plumpypants–or check back in, I was lucky enough to get Azy to agree to do a post of her Japan travels and photographs here!


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