Musical Monday: The Rap Monster Edition

Posted by Stephanie on March 23, 2015


rapmonGAH! Is it just me or has March been a really, really good month for music? I didn’t think I oculd get more excited than with Junsu and MFBTY both having music releases, but with this my mind just goes *POP*.

I love BTS, and within the group my favorite, hands down is Rap Monster. We got a special surprise with him guesting on MFBTY’s new album, but here? It’s pure Rap Monster all by his lonesome.

And he does not disappoint.

This song is fan-fudging-tastic. The beats alone at the beginning first hook you in but then the song goes on and you’re all like ‘this is pretty good’ but, for me as soon as the part begins where he talks about what types of music he is not–my mind blew and the song kicked into high gear.

I can not wait to hear more of this release which is being billed as a mix-tape. Frankly, I don’t care what they call it so long as it has more songs like this and, you know, Rap Monster is there.

Rap Monster, Do You

Other amazing news on the Rap Monster/BTS front? It was finall–FINALLY revealed that yes, they are touring the US this year! WOOHOO!


  • Reply humbledaisy1 March 25, 2015 at 10:33 am

    I passed a Rap Monster look alike this morning and all I want to know is – how much hair product is required for the duck tail? I have curly hair and used a metric ton of hair product but I could never get that height. Also, how’d they get that shot of Stephanie taking her vitamins?

    • Reply crazyforkdrama March 25, 2015 at 12:26 pm

      LAUGH!!!! I do take my vitamins very prettily…

      And yes. That had to have taken a lot of product and a great deal of time to get that hair….juuuuuust so.

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