Fun Friday: Getting Fit With Kpop

Posted by Stephanie on April 1, 2015


I, like I’m sure many of you out there are trying to get off the couch and get healthy. No, no its not easy, especially with that couch and it easy access to endless episodes of Kdrama is so alluring. But we’ve gotta do what we gotta do, right? But here’s the thing–it doesn’t have to be so hard! Here are a few handy tips I’ve found to use our love of kpop to reach those weight loss goals.

1) first off, let’s talk turkey about our weight loss goals. Nothing says motovation like counting your goals in terms of Kpop stars. “Ugh, I have to lose a whole Taemin.” And when you start losing? “Whew! It was hard but I’ve lost half a Hongki!”

kpop scale

Time to work out?
2) A kpop playlist is an absolute must. You are welcome to check out mine:
And if the fast pace and good beats don’t do it for you?

3) While working out think of those teeny-tiny kpop stars. Nothing like the thought of those S-curves to get you working just that much harder.

s line

4) The thought not enough? Try your hand at an actual Kpop workout! Want legs like Sistar? Check out this link.


Those hunger pangs a-knockin’?

4) A well placed kpop poster to give you that much needed burst of will power.helpful junsu

Come on, you wouldn’t want to disappoint Junsu would you?

With these kpop inspirations, it’ll be no time before we’re dropping those Taemins, Honkis and Nanas!

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