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Posted by Stephanie on April 1, 2015

Casting News

T.O.P in a drama? A romantic drama no less? Hello dreams come true!

Well, real dreams come true would be a romantic drama starring T.O.P and me–but I’ll take what I can get.

It was announced  this week that a joint drama between Korean and Japanese production companies is in the works for an air date later this year. As I’ve been watching more Japanese dramas and movies, this had interested from the start, but now that they have cast T.O.P? It’s an automatic watch.

While yes, I’m a fangirl here, I’ve never been one to watch something just because it has a bias in it. I might say “yes, yes, yes!” when the casting news is released, but when it comes down to actually sitting down and watching? If the story doesn’t do it for me then I don’t watch. Sorry various and sundry biases, my watching time is extremely limited and if you want to make sure I watch your drama, for the love of Mike be in something interesting.TOP IRIS

But T.O.P? As he hasn’t been in a drama so far that I’ve wanted to sit through (Iris, I Am Sam) I’m interested in seeing how he would do in a full drama. I’ve seen him in his last two movies (Tazza 2, Commitment) so I know he does have some range as an actor–but a drama is a different kettle of fish. You can’t hide so much behind butt kicking action cut scenes and a mere hour and a half run time (although I swear while sitting through Tazza 2 it seemed at least 4 hours long) so you need to (hopefully) have those acting skills.tazza 2

I also can’t help but admit I also love the idea of watching him in a romantic drama. From what I know of the plot of this one is he and the heroine (a Japanese actress) are both recovering from failed first loves when they meet and fall in love.

Let’s cross our fingers that someone decides to sub this one! Although, I’m thinking with T.O.P as a lead, it’s pretty much a slam dunk that they will.

And while we’re at it, let’s cross our fingers that the drama actually turns out as cute as the idea of it is. I know I’m all “woohoo, I’ll definitely watch this,” but as we all know, my attention span is a fickle beast…….just don’t tell T.O.P–it’ll ruin whatever chance I may still have for that real life drama lead đŸ˜‰

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