Happy Birthday B1A4!

Posted by Stephanie on April 23, 2015



Just the other day I was saying to Cherry Cordial, “Ummm….isn’t it about time for B1A4 to come out with new music?” as, in the world of Kpop, it has been about forever and 8 day since Solo Day. And since I’m now the biggest (and possibly oldest) fan in the country, I’m counting the time down on fingers and toes.

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And today we find out, the Best “Aegyo–but good” band is having their 4th anniversary. Aww….my boys are getting all grown up!

These guys and, more importantly, their music just make me happy. One might even say that that they joom-joom my heart like a locket. I love them enough to not only craft my own beansprout headband and, but to wear it out, proudly, on the jaded streets of New York City.

Or I did until I realized I was still wearing it and quickly took them off.

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(My favorite CNU is long haired-glasses wearing CNU.)

Last year I was lucky enough to see them in person and I’m happy to say they are just as adorable live as they are piped in through your ear-buds. If I’m feeling low or stressed or anxious (ie flying or random dentistry) I simply pop on my B1A4 playlist and let the boys heal what ails me.


This video got me through a particuarly tricky train breakdown:

So, Happy Anniversary boys! We are glad you’re around and hope you stick around for years to come. (Considering the fact that you’re all still basically infants, that should be years and years and years to come…)

But could you do Noona solid and come out with new freaking music already?

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  • Reply Cherry Cordial April 23, 2015 at 4:59 pm

    Awwww… congratulations to B1A4, and to you for finally coming around to see their awesomeness. 🙂

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