Junsu Continues to Dazzle

Posted by Stephanie on April 28, 2015

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Junsu deathnote 3

The name of the post was going to be Junsu continues to have a great year, or Junsu on the rise, or Junsu takes over Korea, but dazzle seems to cover all those bases. He seems to be everywhere, on the music charts, on television (finally!), and now, back on stage. This guy just can’t seem to sit still–good news for us.

Although it would be better news if we’d be actually able to see him on the stage. 

junsu deathnote 2

It was actually a big surprise when news came out that not only did South Korea decide to do a musical adaptation of the Death Note series but that Junsu had accepted the role as L. Now, as I, despite Cherry Cordial’s insistence, have not seen the Death Note movies, so I’ll just have to take everyone’s word that L is awesome and worthy of the Junsu casting.

Ahem. My bias may be peeking through.

Now, in what I must say is a pretty good marketing move, the production has released a video of Junsu performing one of the songs from the musical.

Oh Junsu! I wish I loved musicals as much as you do–but alas–I do not, so this will just be something we agree to disagree on. This video does start to make up for the fact that he only released one music video for his Flower album. (Uncool Junsu, uncool.) And, as  I first grew to love him in the blue hair he had a few years ago, this look brings back a nice set of warm fuzzies.

Death Note the Musical begins in June, so we can start looking forward to leaked Youtube clips soon thereafter. (Oh the plight of the non-South Korea loving Junsu fans, or Death Note fans, or you know, anyone who actually likes musicals.) As for me? I’m thinking it’s time to watch the Death Note movies.


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