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Posted by Stephanie on April 29, 2015

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kim young kwan

Kim Young Kwan has been on the Stephanie radar for a while now. Before this winter, he was your typical chiseled get-in-the-way b-lead—or in the terms of the thriller White Christmas—your a-typical, chiseled, fear-riddled bully. Oh, and in Hot Young Bloods he was a full on bad guy (as I hated that movie, my brain forgot about it at first.) But after my holiday Kdrama cram? Leading man material.

His turn in Plus 9 Boys was actually a big eye opener. He was a great hero. I loved his role and, in turn, came to appreciate his acting. While I wish the show had been better, at least I got this out of it. 

After that drama, I’d been hoping that this was the role that was going to push him out of middling, b-lead territory and firmly into the A’s (A as in awesomely, dashing hero). Unfortunately, with his casting in Pinocchio, this wasn’t the case.

Although I have heard from credible sources that he was very, very good in it. But a stellar b-lead is still a b-lead.

Why, after all this time am I waxing on and on about him?

Yesterday, news was released of a new JTBC drama on the horizon, a disaster thriller set in Seoul. First off, this sounds awesome! I love the gritty look and feel that I know that cable networks are capable of. Not to mention, I’m a sucker for disaster miniseries, so I’m especially excited for more information to come out on this drama.

Today, it was announced that my very own (yes, I have decided he is mine. Mine. All mine.) Kim Young Kwan is currently ‘looking favorably’ on signing onto the drama. A disaster miniseries and Kim Young Kwan? Be still my fangirl heart. Of course, since information is still very scarce on the drama, we don’t know what sort of disaster this might be or, big downside, if this is a lead role he’ll be signing on for. If this were a main network drama, I’d say of course he would not be the leading man—he still has a ways to go before he works his way up that ladder, but on a cable network? He is total leading man material.

I’m going to continue to cross my fingers that this casting comes through and that the drama turns out to be a little bit awesome and a little bit cheesy—as that’s how I like my disaster shows.


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