SURPRISE! I’ve Been Watching Dramas!

Posted by Stephanie on May 3, 2015


graphic tv watching

You think you’re surprised—how do you think I feel? It literally feels like it’s been forever since I’ve put an honest effort into watching dramas. And for someone who purports to love dramas enough to spend a good part of her life reporting on them, this is a sad, sad state of affairs. But the site is now done…ish and it’s time to make a change.

the lover 2

Starting off, yes, I’m still hate watching The Lover. GDragon—this show is TERRIBLE! It was just such an easy watch, and I’d had such hopes at the beginning, that I’m having trouble letting it go. But this last episode? Was so bad it puts all the other bad episodes to shame. It’s like the writers sit around trying to figure out just how they can make the next episode more ridiculous and boring. You wouldn’t think it would be possible, and yet they manage to do it. There is no meaning to this show at all! And after a stupid dream sequence in one story-line, a scene based on farts in another, I think I may have finally reached my tipping point. (Tipping point, tipping-tipping point point)

exo next door

In another drama about nothing, in a show of stellar friendship, I watched EXO Next Door with Cherry Cordial. Yes, me! The queen of EXO Anti Fandom. And the real sad part? I actually enjoyed it. How can you not? 10-15 minutes of nothing cuteness? It’s like a fanfiction come to life. (Unless it’s you’re thinking of my fanfiction as my fanfiction is a little bit more gay and a lot less EXO.) And now I’m proud to day I can name 2 of the—what is it—15 members of EXO? I have to say I’m predisposed to liking DO as I still associate him with last year’s (absolutely lovely, wonderful, heartbreaking) drama It’s Okay That’s Love. I will also say it’s weird to see Chanyeol as an angst ridden curmudgeonly hero. Why? 1) He’s too cute and 2) he, in all honesty, is not a great actor.

Why do I like this show and not the other when both are basically dumb shows about nothing?

I don’t know maybe because one is offensively dumb and the other is just cutsey dumb? Or maybe because one is filled with characters I hate more with every episode that goes on and the other is filled with cute idol boys? It could be that at 10-15 minutes EXO Next Door never has the chance to irritate.


Finally, in another random drama choosing, I went with to DramaFever and scrolled though their collection. At first I tried a drama that I’d been looking at for a while, Palace, a Chinese drama about a girl, crazy about history, gets shuttled to the past where she is courted by not one but two princes. But after watching the beginning teaser and the first 15-ish minutes, I realized, nope, not for me.

love myself or you

Quickly moving on, I found the TWDrama, Love Myself Or You? and managed to settle in for 4 episodes. The storyline of the prickly cook with chef aspirations dealing with a horrible (truly horrible) father and her abandoned nephew, and the top chef in hiding pretending to be an intern as he deals with his own personal demons is actually more interesting than you’d think.

With this drama and Witch’s Romance that I’m watching for OKC, it looks like I’m starting to be a fan of the prickly heroines who have direction and a life plan.

So I’m thinking my drama watching is going on like gangbusters! And this is all of course, just a placeholder until mid-May when Producers and Orange Caramel start.


  • Reply humbledaisy1 May 4, 2015 at 12:55 am

    Oh, the first 15 minutes of Palace are terrible! Also, it is really a rip off of the much better Scarlet Heart. If that one rubs you the wrong way, I’m not sure if we can ever convert you. Check it out on YouTube –

    • Reply Stephanie May 4, 2015 at 11:10 am

      Wow! That does sound really similar!

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