Musical Monday: The Let’s Learn To Dance Edition

Posted by Stephanie on May 18, 2015



A couple of weeks ago, I came across this newer band (they may even be a rookie band) called UNIQ. When I was trying to describe them to Cherry, I said they were like a wannabe BTS. As I’m a big fan of BTS (or I used to be until I got really upset with them over their last release) I don’t mean this as a bad thing. They are a group of precocious young guys who’s music is a little rap wrapped in a dance-y package.

It seems a little like their management company has seen how well BTS has done (or looking back at early BAP) and has decided to recreate one of their very own.  I don’t hate them. I just I don’t love them as much as I do BTS, but I feel like they can grow on me. I’m actually now hoping that they’ll go out to KCon so I can see them in person. Seeing them in person may change the like-o-meter from not bad to WAHOO!

It worked for B1A4 and it worked for MIB, so it’s not completely a crazy idea.


I chose this song even though I like one of their other ones better, because Cherry Cordial found and made me watch this video where they used google-eyed fanservice to teach their EOEO dance. It’s a cute way to meet the band and learn the dance. (Well, for others to learn the dance as I’m a terrible dancer and even with their step by step instruction couldn’t teach this dancing loser.)

Although be warned–full on cheesiness dead ahead.


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