The One Where Cherry and Stephanie Rope Amber Into Love Sick

Posted by Stephanie on May 19, 2015


love sick 2

Cherry Cordial and I are actually simulcasting something together. Yep, me, simulcasting. Surprised? Not only are we simulcasting Love Sick Season 2, but we’re actively in pack mode trying to get others to join our cause.

For those of you who have seen the drama, check out the special bonus episode of the podcast coming out tomorrow where Cherry Cordial and I are joined by our friends Xe and Molly in Kdramaland to talk about the show.

If you haven’t seen the drama? Check out us trying our very best to browbeat convince Amber KMuse to watch.  

Amber KMuse: How are you guys doing. Anything fun going on?
Cherry Cordial: Laying out an ad. Fun times.
Stephanie: I’m writing a riveting post on whether to paint first or to choose your bedding
Amber Kmuse: hmmm what is your opinion on that question Stephanie? I think I would choose my bedding first.
Stephanie: You would be correct. But then again I work for a bedding company. I’m biased like that.
Amber Kmuse: I am trying to get motivated to blog some…
Stephanie: You should toss off the blogging and go for watching—do it for us
Amber Kmuse: Actually probably going to do that. Really impatient for the latest ep of Hwajung to come out with subs. Might watch Lets Eat 2 while I wait.
Stephanie: We watched the newest episodes of Love Sick last night.
Amber Kmuse: How many episodes does season 2 have?
Stephanie: 36, 2 a week
Amber Kmuse: What is it at now?
Stephanie: I think we just watched 5
Amber Kmuse: I am sure I would learn everything on Wednesday when listening to your podcast… but…
Stephanie: You should watch season 1. Ahem.

Amber Kmuse: hahahaha. I will save it on my lakorn playlist. One step closer!
you know
watch it
I’ve learned to convince with gifs


Amber Kmuse: hahaha. That’s hot.
Stephanie: We want to put them in a love bubble where they will be forever happy and together
Cherry Cordial: Stephanie’s such a pusher… but she’s totally right.
Stephanie: DO IT DO IT DO IT
Cherry Cordial: PhunNoh 4ever!
Amber Kmuse: hahaha If I can get this post out today, I will reward myself with ep 1 tonight
Cherry Cordial: Just realize that episode 1 is the weakest.
Amber Kmuse: Hahahah
Cherry Cordial: They did a bunch of exposition dropping and introductions in kinda of a confusing way. I don’t want her to judge the whole thing on episode 1. But it gets awesome!
Stephanie: We’ll just have to keep feeding her gifs after the first one
Cherry Cordial: Oh, I can find gifs. And they’re awesome. Would we steer you the wrong way Amber?
Stephanie: And besides. Didn’t we say majority rules? You have two against one.
Amber Kmuse: OK OK I promise to watch at least 2 ep tonight.
Stephanie: WOOT! We win! And by we, we mean also you. Here is your reward:


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