Dark Or Quirky, Joo Won Is Your Man

Posted by Stephanie on May 28, 2015

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When news of this drama was first released, I was actually really excited about it. I even started a post. A post I forgot to finish and still languishes in my drafts folder.

Yong Pal, a new drama scheduled to hit our computers September-ish, has got some great pedigree behind it. The director is the same one who did God’s Gift, 14 Days, which while I didn’t watch it (I heard about that ending and stayed far, far away) the consensus was that the drama itself was exceptionally well done.

On top of that they’ve lined up the writer from last year’s smaller cable drama, Reset, which not only did I watch, but I actually really liked—despite the fact that it suffered from a sagging middle.

The premise itself sounds like it could be quirky and fun. A doctor who, because of a sister’s medical bills, does under-the-table house calls on the rich and shady.

On second thought, I’m not sure why I think that will be quirky and fun, it might be because whenever I think of it, I think of the American drama Royal Pains. The drama could be fun and quirky—but looking again at who they have at the helm—they are probably going to be taking this in an opposite (i.e. dark and suspenseful) direction.

And I’m completely okay with that too.

What finally got me to pick up the Yong Pal post again? JOO WON!! Come on, doesn’t the idea that Joo Won just might play the part of the young doctor make this drama just that much better? He can pull off quirky fun, he can (really, really) pull off dark and tortured, so for whatever direction they do eventually take this in, they have all the bases covered.

If Joo Won does sign on though? I just might start pulling for the dark and twisty side. Joo Won was so freaking amazing in Bridal Mask, I’d love to see him in something like that again.

Actually, I’d like to see him in anything again. I rightfully passed on Level Seven Civil Servant and just couldn’t get into Good Doctor, so I’m quite eager to see him again in a drama.

Screenshot 2014-10-15 15.15.26

Oh wait! Except I did see him in last year’s Tomorrow Canatible, where he was, again, really, really good.

Come on Joo Won! Sign onto this drama! Do it for your fans. And by fans I mean me.

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    I hope he will confirms asap

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