One Year Podcast Anniversary Giveaway!

Posted by Stephanie on May 28, 2015



As promised, here is a picture of the, frankly awesome, giveaway for the year anniversary of the podcast! This is the list of all the things you can win:

1) Milk tea notebook (which says Your love is as sweet as sugar—can you tell me how to forget?)

2) You guys know I truly love the listeners as I’m willing to fork over this picture of Junsu

3) Kdrama t-shirt and wrist band.

4) face masks

5) some sort of cleany-scrubber. I don’t know, I found it at HMart.

6) Korean Tourism booklet

7) B1A4 Sprout headband, made by yours truly.

8) Korea has some of the cutest stationary, this is a collection of post-its

9) Book: Kpop Now! The Korean Music Revolution autographed by Gussie (ie, I left the bag where my cat could reach it and he decided to see if the kpop stars are as tasty as they look)

10) Kdrama totebag

11) Found this package of chips with Lee Min Ho’s face on them at the Hong Kong Supermarket.

12) Tokyo Tower eraser. (No, I don’t know why it was at the Korean stationary shop, but it made me think of Ando Lloyd, so I bought it)

13) Book on Korean Cuisine.


So, don’t forget to listen to our one year anniversary podcast, and enter to win! Contest closes 6/4.

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