Musical Monday: The BigBang Makes Me Bang Bang Bang Edition

Posted by Stephanie on June 1, 2015



Today the second set of songs from BigBang’s new album were released. Unlike last time a MV was only released for Bang Bang Bang and just a music track for the second—word on the street is the second video will be released on 6/5.

While I like the pace of this song, it’s kind of a mixed bag for me. The song is a little disjointed—almost like they wrote it in parts and then put it all together at the end. Because of this, there are parts of this song that I love and parts I will have to wait for time to pass, to let the song to sink in, and then I’m sure I’ll like them. (here’s hoping.) The parts of the song I liked the best? When they hit what I thought might be the two choruses and basically when, in the video, they were all together, having fun.

Speaking of fun, the video was interesting to watch, and it has the same sort of color palate as the Bae Bae video. Watching it, a lot was passing through my excited brain—here are some of my weird thoughts:


1) They are starting with Taeyang? Nothing wrong with that, it just seems weird whenever GDragon doesn’t kick off the show. (Not to mention, Taeyang is rocking the pink hair! He looks awesome here.)

bang bang bang

2) Don’t mind me, I’m just dancin’, you know, with my gang of shirtless buff guys.

bang bang bang 2

3) T.O.P what are they doing to you? Why are you DANCING? Someone is trying very, very hard to kill my love for you. I shall not let it happen. Do you hear me? THIS SHIP WON’T DIE.

bang bang bang 3

4) Duuuude. It’s T.O.P as the astronaut! He’s having an awkward dance battle with himself. And I see they kept the weird contacts—at least they covered the Bae Bae hair?

Bigbang 4

5) SEUNGRI—didn’t your mother ever tell you not to throw sand? Not only is it rude but it’s a bitch to get out of your hair.

Bang bang bang 5

6) T.O.P! What up with you and the crazy hats? Somewhere in the world there is a band geek who is missing his hat.

bang bang bang 6

7) BigBang + Black Leather – Dumb Hat = HAWT

bang bang bang 7

8) I love the red! I feel he’s not really GD unless his hair is some crazy color.

Bang bang bang 8

9) For the love of Mike will someone please give Daesung a hairband? I don’t understand why they didn’t give him another look for this video. Did they get to him and go “Aw naw, that’s perfect!” It is not perfect. It makes him look dumb. And if you’re going to make him look dumb, you might as well let him be shirtless to at least give him some chance with the ladies.

Bang Bang Bang 9

10) Hot fucking damn. Sorry for the profanity—there is just no other words to describe the feelings I get from GD.

bang bang bang 10

11) Why are GD and this lady chained up together? That’s not going to go over well.

bang bang bang 13

12) How is it Taeyang is the only one wearing a shirt?? This is not the Taeyang we know and love.

Bang Bang Bang 17

13) Not another hat—LEAVE THOSE POOR BAND GEEKS ALONE, T.O.P!! They have enough to worry about without you jumping them and stealing their hats.

Bang Bang Bang 18

14) Ummm… who thought it was a good idea to put Seungri in a headdress? No, no it is not a good idea. Toss up as to which people are going to have a problem with more, this or the lady on the chain. Not to mention it gives the whole thing a sort of a weird, YMCA vibe. Not a good look for anyone.

Bang Bang Bang 19

15) Stop trying to be sexy Daesung, with that haircut it’s just not happening.

bang bang bang 21

16) Seatbelts guys, seatbelts.

bang bang bang 22

17) This just looks fun—and look! Daesung does have eyes under that hair!

bang bang bang 23

18) Oh Good Lord. Stop it GDragon, stop trying to make me like you more than T.O.P. It won’t work, I swear it won’t.

Bang Bang Bang 14

PS: I bet you picked glitter off yourself for weeks after.

19) Awwww…. our boys just having fun!

bang bang bang 24

20) Their dance kind of looks like it came right out of my Zumba class.

bang bang bang 26

21) Why are the backup dancers the only ones without shirts on? Do they not know what the fangirls are looking for??? Not me of course, I’m dignified and am, of course, only here for the music and interesting social commentary.

bang bang bang 27

Now check out the video and see what YOU think!

BigBang, Bang Bang Bang


  • Reply Amber Kmuse June 2, 2015 at 1:53 am

    Loved all your comments and agree about daesung.

  • Reply Christina June 3, 2015 at 1:09 pm

    Maybe they were all like, “Screw it, I just don’t feel like working out.”

  • Reply sisterdoc June 3, 2015 at 9:38 pm

    Hair seems to be a major issue: Daesung looks like a Muppet and T.O.P’s chunky up do? Just no. I agree with everything…it’s nice seeing the guys having fun (especially after Loser).

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