Isn’t It Bromantic?

Posted by Stephanie on June 4, 2015

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island-2-collagebNot usually one to gossip, but after reading an article that Jo In Sung, Song Joong Ki and Lee Kwang Soo are all off on a bromantic vacation together? My eyes turned to fangirl hearts and all that could be said was awwwww……

Dude. How freaking adorable is it that these guys are not only close friends but close enough to all go on vacation together? Yep, aawwww… pretty much covers it.

Plus, could you imagine being the person who happens to sit next to them on the airplane? Or the person who bumps into them chillaxing wherever it is that they’re heading? Hot damn. And the sad thing is? That person probably wouldn’t even know enough to appreciate what was right there in front of them. There will be no fangirl squeees, no jaws dropped in awe, no hearts aflutter.

Although, they are all very, very attractive, so I guess you don’t need to know just who they are to be able to appreciate the view.

But we would know better wouldn’t we? We know that Song Joong Ki just got out of the military and is about to jump right back into filming what is probably going to be the big drama of the year. We were (well, I was) worried that he wasn’t taking any downtime between the two.

We know that Song Joong Ki and Lee Kwang Soo are legit best friends, know that Kwang Soo is the only person who Joong Ki has taken home to his family house. We know that Kwang Soo took time out of his schedule to actually go visit Joong Ki while he was in the military. We know that Joong Ki used one of his last breaks to go to Kwang Soo’s sister’s wedding.

It’s a for real bromance up in here.

We know that Kwang Soo and In Sung were adorable together in It’s Okay That’s Love, and we are so happy that they got really close outside of it.

We know all these things, so then knowing that, despite their busy, busy schedules, they all took the time to go on some mysterious trip together? Yep, yep, here it comes again guys—sorry I just can’t stop it..


I feel bad for those people who wander across this trio of handsome men doing whatever it is they are doing on their vacation. 1) Because they are not as awesome as us, and 2) nope that’s it. If you don’t know who these three are and why this is just so adorable than you are clearly not awesome and a big fat loser.

Now let the fanfic writing begin!


**Update: If Kwang Soo’s instagram is to be believed, they are somewhere Disney-esque. Less cool than I thought, but still cute.


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  • Reply justanotheranimefan June 6, 2015 at 1:46 pm

    I love Joong Ki and Kwang Soo’s friendship! They’re absolutely adorable and hilarious.

    • Reply Stephanie June 9, 2015 at 10:21 am

      Aren’t they though?? I just want to pinch their cheeks.

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