Better Late Than Never?

Posted by Stephanie on June 11, 2015



We’re one step, a very, very big step for one of the first Korean shows to be remade here in the states. And out of all of the ones which were optioned, Nine, You From Another Star, Answer Me 1997, who would have guessed it was would be the show filled with senior citizens that finally made the jump? 

Today, the casting for the US version of the tvN variety show, Grandpa’s Over Flowers renamed Better Late Than Never, was announced. So who are going to be our cranky grandpas? William Shatner, Henry Winkler, George Foreman, and Terry Bradshaw.

All in all? I’m fairly impressed with the names that they got. Considering the fact that it’s basically a reality show they are signing up for, I expected people way, way further down the fame rungs.

While they are still sticking with the ‘stripped down celebrity’ sticking them in countries without the personal assistants, money, and, I don’t know, a solid plan? They are changing the format a bit by having the guys go to different Asian countries in different episodes to check off items on the casts ‘bucket lists’. Eh.

As in the original they are also going to be assigned a bag-boy, this time being filled by the comedian Jeff Dye. To which I say, who? Never heard of him.

While I’m excited a Korean show has finally made the hop, I wonder if this is going to translate well. Part of what makes Grandpa’s Over Flowers great is the Korean mores, the social structure. Figuring out who the age rank is and acting accordingly. The best part is the bag-boy Seo Jin who, a star in his own right, has to bend and serve the elders, doing all the literal heavy lifting and makingi sure everyone gets fed and has a place to sleep for the night. We don’t really do that here in the states, it’s not part of our culture. I wonder if maybe this is why they chose someone for the bag-boy who is so different fame wise? I see this is the only possible way it might work in a similar way.

Whatever it is, I’m sure lots of us will be giving it  a try when it comes out this fall. I mean if it comes out this fall, as we all know American TV, even though there is a cast, it doesn’t mean there is a spot for them.


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  • Reply Molly in Kdramaland June 11, 2015 at 2:01 pm

    Honestly, I would prefer to see US versions of Nine, Answer Me 1997 or You From Another Star. I wonder, too, how this will translate for American audiences.

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