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Posted by Stephanie on June 12, 2015


that time I loved you

I want to be interested in the upcoming drama The Time I’ve Loved You. I’m trying to make myself be super excited about it. Ha Ji Won is pretty bad-ass and I enjoyed her in both Secret Garden and King2Hearts. And Lee Jin Wook? Man do I love me some Lee Jin Wook. I fell hard for him and his cable kisses in I Need Romance 2012 and he was also really exceptional in Nine.

So you’d think them together would be a hands up in the air, edge of your seat, squeepants drama. 

But all I’ve got for them is a bucket of ‘eh’. Why? I’m just not a huge fan of the friends to lovers storyline. They just end up being so drawn out and angsty. Of course my friends the McFeeleys who had a real life friends to lovers relationship, would probably disagree with this, so let’s just keep that amongst ourselves.

The Time I’ve Loved You is based off a TWDrama–that I also didn’t want to watch. The closest I got was following someone on Tumblr who was live watching-tweeting it and the story irritated the bejeesus out of me–and I wasn’t even the one watching! The upside of that experience was the B-Lead Sunny and his beautiful tattoos. (It’s possible I may also follow his instagram now where he has lots of manly-man beach shots. Be still my heart.)

The characters seem interesting, she an abrasive team leader who is really good at her job and I’m a huge fan of that sort of heroine. Downside is that while they are usually billed that way, when you’re watching the drama, the actual character on the screen is not so gutsy. (I’m looking at you Producers.) And from this teaser it looks like it may be the case here:

The hero is a worker at an airline who seems all nice and agreeable at work but in real life he’s short and irritable (a hero personality hiding in a b-lead life?).

One more thing–is it me or does this drama really sound like I Need Romance 2012?

I want to say the lure of good actors (or Lee Jing Wook’s prettiness) will make me watch this drama, but if I’m perfectly honest? Probably not. Bummer man, bummer.

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  • Reply humbledaisy1 June 12, 2015 at 12:45 pm

    I can’t hide the fact that I love “In Time with You.” It is the one tdrama that I recommend to all my younger, unmarried friends who complain that there aren’t any good guys out there.

    Ariel Lin’s character is very modern – she’s not going to take guff from her boyfriends or family. At work, she navigates the streams of office politics in a very realistic (yet funny!) manner. And, of course, I love the fact that Taiwanese shows are not afraid to show not-so-attractive characters.

    Cheng You Qing’s (Ariel Lin’s) parents are almost right out of a show like Mike & Molly and I also like the fact that Li Da Ren’s (Bolin Chen’s) family are not chaebols but artists struggling to make it their various mediums. I am worried about all this goodness translating into Korean tropes but I will start that journey with the first step.

    On a completely animalistic side note – MMMM, Sunny Wang and his tattoos! If I haven’t convinced you to hang in there for him – skip right to Never Give Up Dodo where he is mostly naked.

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