Musical Monday: The Do I Have To Got7 Edition?

Posted by Stephanie on June 15, 2015



On Thursday it was released that Got7 (got7?) has joined the lineup for the LA KCon. On the one hand, yay!! I have big giant sized love for a certain Jackson Wang. Seriously guys, I miss him in Roommate so hard. I’ll also admit to still watching his Michael Jackson (Michael, Michael, Jackson, Jackson) video when I’m feeling blue. How do you make Jackson cuter? Apparently all you need to do is add a donkey. 

So the fact that I get to see him in person (do you think he’ll do one of his patented flips for me?) just totally make my day.

On the other hand, (close your eyes Got7 fans) I’m not actually a Got7 fan. Goodness knows Cherry has tried, but to no avail. When I watching I always think, you know what this song needs? More Jackson. Other thoughts include but are not limited to:

  • why are there so many members of this band?
  • Where is Jackson?
  • What’s with the autotune?
  • Is Jackson popular enough to keep going if this band doesn’t make it?
  • Oh, there’s Jackson!
  • Wait, where’d he go?
  • I wish I liked this.
  • Sorry, Jackson.

Now that I’m going to be in the same room as Jackson (and I guess the rest of the band) I should probably try just a little bit harder to enjoy them. So, I’m going to put Got7 into youtube and watch the very first MV that comes up. (And I have to sit there and watch the entire thing.) Let’s see how it goes….


Got7, Stop Stop It

First thought–GAH why is this 5.28 minutes?

One minute in, still no Jackson

Why does that guys’s shirt only have one sleeve/ That’s a weird choice.


Uhoh, Jackson is gone

Guess the odd fashion choices didn’t stop with the one sleeved shirt.

What with that auto tune? You for realz can’t hear their voices.

Whew. It’s gone.

Why is Jackson always on the very edge of the screen during the dances? Is that where you stick the bad dancers?

Jackson is rapping!

Kind of.

Wait! Is the guy in the green hair Bam Bam? There’s a Bam Bam, right?

Never mind, it wasn’t green hair, just a light.

Do you think they metalic their voices when they are performing live?

It’s been a while since I’ve seen Jackson.

And done.


Hmm…nope. Not sold yet. Honestly all the computerized voices irritated me and I found the song a little boring. Sorry Jackson, I guess Got7 (GOT7, got7?) just not my cup of tea. But I hope we can still be friends.



  • Reply Wallis June 15, 2015 at 11:55 pm

    Stop stop it got totally stuck in my head after watching GOT7 on After School Club. The vocoder voice is part of the background track, so is how they sing it live. That’s the only song from them that I particularly like so…I bought tickets to BigBang’s LA concert last week because I know that I’ll love or at least be familar with every song (plus the new songs that will come out by October). Because of that I’m thinking of skipping the concerts at KCON and just doing to convention part. What is the convention like other than the concerts? I still want to go if it will be more than potato on a stick and merch sales.

    • Reply Stephanie June 18, 2015 at 10:18 am

      Last year the actual convention was fun. It was hard to get into but hopefully this year they have fixed that. There were lots of vendors, food carts (not just potatoes on sticks), kpop merch, and giveaways. Oh, and a lot of stars came out and did meetups and interviews. It’s in a different location this year so I’m not sure how much will be the same but if you live in the area I say, hey, why not?

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