Let’s Hide That Identity! Thoughts On Episode One

Posted by Stephanie on June 18, 2015



Kim Bum, I’m sorry I mocked your creepy facial hair yesterday. What was I thinking? Your facial hair is not creepy, it is  scruffy and an absolute essential to pull off your “I’m a hot badass detective with a mysteriously tragic past” character. And you manage it nicely.

Of course it helps that you are looking mad fit.

But there is more to this drama than gazing upon Kim Bum’s visage. (Yes ladies, there is.) There be plots and bad guys, murders and elders (why is there always an elder?), tragic pasts and dead girlfriends—and soon-to-be-dead partners—and Kim Bum kicking the crap out of various people.


I’d initially been hoping that this drama would be similar to the other butt-kicking, undercover government group using badasses to catch other badasses show Bad Guys, and while this seems to be the case, I’m actually surprised that right at the beginning Kim Bum’s character goes undercover to infiltrate the asthmatic bad guy’s group. Yes, there always comes a point in any of these crime shows where someone goes undercover or pretends to swap sides in order to trick Team Bad-y, but usually we get some crimes of the week in order to cement whatever miss-matched group of Team Good you’ve got going on. Nope. Apparently here, Kim Bum’s character (yes, I’m sure he has a name but it’s episode one, give me a break) jumps right from saying “Hellz nah, I’m not going to join your  mother flippin’ team. Everything I touch turns to dead” to “Sure, secret identity me up.”

I guess I should have looked a little closer at the name of the drama. Ahem. Hidden Identity, it’s right there—the production didn’t hide it—I just didn’t choose to see it.


I just hope that Kim Bum is a better under cover guy than the guy he went in there for. He was a terrible undercover agent! All those pauses and side eyed looks, I’m surprised he made it three years in the position. And seriously. He got caught because his hidden identity was too clean. I totally get that. If you’re creating a hidden identity to infiltrate a big Team Bad, you can’t be set up as white as snow guy who just happens to wander in with the help wanted ad. That background needs to be smudged a bit. A little theft here (white collar of course—he’s not trying to get hired on as thug #2), some battery there (just a little bit, show he’s tough enough to fit in), and maybe an accounting degree (you know, because finishing your degree looks nice on a resume).

It looks like they’ve learned their lesson with Kim Bum’s character, but it makes you wonder though, are they going to hold that snitch until Kim Bum is done? What’s to stop him from getting out on bail, and going right to the bad guys? Or calling someone from jail? Or talking to one of the planted guards that I’m sure Team Bad have planted everywhere and have that guy pass along the note. They are going to have to stick that guy in isolation for the duration of the case, and considering the missing guy was undercover for three years, that might be a hell of a long time.

But anywhoo, we don’t care about him do we? Nope.


The story itself is a little predictable, as, who did not see the death of his partner coming from pretty much the first moment he opened his mouth? Caring for your gruff partner despite his obvious disinterest? Is that a target on your chest? Talking about making the world a better place for his daughter? Is that a grave you just stepped in? Being so thrilled by the smallest kindness by your partner that you practically glow and buy the coffee? Dude. You never had a chance.


I have to say though, despite the fact you can pretty much follow the dots (so far) in the plot, I really enjoyed the first episode! The camera work is awesome. It has beautiful shots, really high production value, and a great score. It’s one of those dramas that, within the first minute, you know you’re in for a fun time.

Plus, did I mention how SMOKING HOT Kim Bum is in this, with all his brooding and angst and kickass fighting?

So I’m interested to see where the rest of this drama is going to go. I’m interested to see how much he will interact with the rest of the cast if he is almost immediately sent off to Undercoverville. As this is a cable drama and a cop show, it doesn’t mean there is a required loveline so I’m not really expecting that, but the other guys seem fun, and I think troubled hero could use some of that.

One last note. Guys. Seriously. Those can not be real cop earpieces that they are wearing. They are so big and so bright it’s almost like they shine like beacons coming out of all the cops’ ears screaming WE’RE COPS! Any bad guy worth his salt would see those things from a mile away.


Did you get to watch episode one? What did you think?



  • Reply DBChen June 18, 2015 at 2:37 pm

    Yeah, the partner’s demise was so obviously going to happen.

    This is my first real exposure to Kim Bum, not having watched Boys Over Flowers. So I’m enjoying him as a broody adult, not as “whoa, look at who’s all grown up!”

    All that said, I’ve been looking forward to this, since I like undercover shows. Bring on episode 2!

  • Reply Jess H June 18, 2015 at 7:44 pm

    I really enjoyed the first episode. Having watched (and loved) him in BoF, I want to watch the episode again to see all the details that I missed while being caught up how hot he is now. I loved the acting and the fight scenes. This is my first time watching a drama as it airs rather than marathoning, so I’m sure I’ll be losing my mind when we get to the first cliffhanger.

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