Musical Monday: The Kindie Revisited Edition

Posted by Stephanie on June 22, 2015


peter pan complex

The one upside to losing all those posts after the demise of Crazy For Kdrama? I’ve been given the perfect excuse to revisit some of my favorite songs that were posted way before anyone actually had any interest in reading what I had to say. 

I came across this song again over the weekend when I was trying to introduce a non-kpop-kdrama fan to Korean music. He loves more alternative music so I tried to dig through my memory banks for a suggestion.

This song by Peter Pan Complex is different (in a fun way) from the usual Kpop fare. It’s even more different from the usual Kindie fare. I would say I like the song so much that I will totally check out the rest of their  music, but I loved this song for a few years now and I haven’t done it yet….

Peter Pan Complex, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

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