The Art of BigBang

Posted by Stephanie on June 23, 2015


My new favorite thing guys? It’s a Tumblr/Instagramer known as Taking High Art Down. Why do I love it?

1) They are talented.

2) Super creative

3) funny.


Oh yeah, its all about the BigBang!

Prince Kwon Ji Yong

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As you can see, what they (I’m guessing it’s a girl but in the world of BigBang fans and the anonymity of the internet, who knows) puts images of BigBang into classic paintings.

Seriously guys, whenever this page comes up on my Instagram feed, it totally makes my day.

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Jacues-Louis David "King of all Chooms"

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So why am I talking about this now? Let’s go back to my list.

1) Well, it’s funny, so you should know about it.

2) I like it so you should too.

3) They just decided to start selling tshirts.

I’M SO EXCITED! Now you’d think that, the giant TOP fan that I am, I’d choose him, but actually, my friend Regina and I have already purchased matching GDragon tank tops. How could we resist this? Gdragon tshirt2


Now I guess I’m also telling you about this so maybe they will sell more items and then will put up more of their designs for sale…

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  • Reply A.J. Superduper (@Jo_Ae_Jae88) June 23, 2015 at 3:32 pm

    Wow! I’m in.

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