Gif Sets: The Ultimate Kpusher

Posted by Stephanie on June 26, 2015

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As a Kdrama fan, I’m sure you are all hyperaware of the power of the GIFset. The GIFset has a magical, mystical power which can take even the ho-humiest drama from, “Eh, maybe, like, if I have free time and have finished  all the other dramas ever made, and Korea suddenly decides to stop making dramas, then I’ll watch,” to, “Fudge work, fudge sleep, fudge being a responsible adult, I must watch this drama RIGHT NOW! There are feelz to be had that I can now see I am missing out on.”

The power of the GIFset is high and should be respected accordingly. 

Tumblr is the home of most GIFsets, and you should approach it with the utmost caution. Your whole day, your whole drama-watching plan, can be drastically changed with one wrong Tumblr move, with one random reblog.

Now, one would think that GIFsets are always a good thing, right? More dramas obviously = more happiness, correct? Theoretically, yes. We like dramas. We like to watch dramas. We like squee-worthy moments. We love squee-worthy moments in bite-sized servings. But there are times when becoming obsessed with a drama over a three-second Harry Potteresque moving picture can really fuck up our lives.

1) It could otherwise be a terrible drama. Yes, in our hearts we know the drama is terrible and that we should stay away, far away. But there is that part of us, that inner fangirl who wonders if the 16 episodes of awful would be worth it for the cute OTP—or even worse—the cute side-couple. To which I say, NO! Pull yourselves together, people! There are other perfectly good OTPs having perfectly good squee moments in dramas that won’t make you poke desperately at your eyeballs or yank at your hair. Just look away, and don’t look directly into the face of a bad drama GIF.

2) Said squee-worthy moving picture may not be tagged. What the? How can you do that to us GIF-forwarders? How can we know what is this new drama we now MUST WATCH if you refuse to give us the name of it? Is this an ass-hatty trick you are pulling upon your drama-watching brethren? Are you sitting back and taunting us? “See this cuteness? Bwahahaha! It is mine, allllll mine!”


3) Your new favorite drama that you just haven’t been able to see yet is not actually subbed anywhere. Again, this is like #2, where your drama-watching friend is cursing a plague upon all our houses. “See this drama? Look how cute it is, and yet you are not nearly as smart and worldly as I, who speak the language. You will never, ever know what it is that makes this couple, this moment, cute. You will question this for the rest of your life. Not being able to see this will be your biggest regret.” Queue in again the “Bwahahaha,” because, like #2, these people are real buttholes who revel in being infinitely cooler than you.

4) Time. The enemy to all drama fans. We don’t have time for extra dramas on our plates. We barely have time for the dramas we have already planned on watching, dramas which have politely waited their turn in line to be watched. But no, the GIFset puts a bee in our bonnets and won’t let go until we’ve watched the drama RIGHT NOW. Ugh. GIFsets can be a bitch.

5) Thanks for the SPOILER. Say you already were aware of this GIFtastic drama. You were waiting patiently for a free moment to watch. Then, unable to resist the lure of the Tumblr, you go there and, scrolling down your feed, you are hit with it. Spoiler. Yes, you knew eventually your OTP would have eventually had cuteness, the hero would have had an angsty shower scene, etc., but you don’t want to actually witness such events until you get to see it for yourself. In context. In drama. If you see it in advance, you know it’s there, waiting. Lurking. And then when it finally does arrive? Ho-hum. Been there seen that. Bummer guys—bummer.

For the most part though? There is nothing like a good GIFset squee. Nothing like finding a new drama that you hadn’t actually considered watching before seeing them. GIFsets can, and do, take you off the expected path, to maybe find a gem. Here are my Top 5 GIFset Drama Finds.

Life Is Beautiful

Set, upon set, upon set, of Tae Sub and his boyfriend were all it took for me to seek out this drama, then obsessively watch it, putting everything else aside until I’d finished… and then finished again.

In A Good Way

Thanks to Cherry Cordial, many a GIFset of this drama showed up in my feed. I was happy to watch, they were indeed, very cute. However, that ending was such crap, I’m not entirely sure I’ve actually fully forgiven Cherry.

Love Sick

Yeah, it’s no secret how hooked I am on this drama. Like hardcore hooked. This is one drama/book/life-suck that didn’t do me wrong.

Shan Shan Comes To Eat (Boss & Me)

I was originally not hugely hooked on Shan Shan, but it was partly this GIFset that kept me going. The fact that these two got so cute is enough to make even the most bored fangirl stay put.

EXO Next Door

I don’t like EXO. I’m pretty anti-EXO. But this GIF, shown to me by my fanfic-writing friend Xe, made me laugh so hard, I had to watch the drama despite the fact that, as you can expect, that’s not what the actual dialog says.


  • Reply Jacqueline June 28, 2015 at 1:57 pm

    This post is so hilarious, I’m only one paragraph in and dead with the laughter and copious agreement! (Also I’m probably going to spam comment as I read. BRACE YOURSELF FOR MORE OBNOXIOUS COMMENTS TO FOLLOW!)

  • Reply Jacqueline June 28, 2015 at 2:01 pm

    Also, the agreement; SO MUCH AGREEMENT! I kid you not, Stephanie, have you seen the lakorn Full House? It’s SO much better than the kdrama and the whole flippin’ reason I watched was because of dat smexy ice-cream pseudo-make-out, “Let’s Be Sexy And Suggestive Together” GIF set! I get heart palpitations every time that GIF set pops back up on my screen.

  • Reply Jacqueline June 28, 2015 at 2:03 pm

    Oh the no-tags is the worst! Like, I’m just really blogger, REALLY! Luckily Tumblr’s Xkit has a Tag Viewer add on that lets you quickly see everyone who’s rebloggged it and their tags. That thing has saved my damn life and then some.

  • Reply LizC July 5, 2015 at 2:31 am

    After you mentioned gifsets on the last podcast, I was thinking about how I’ve watched several Kdramas that are much better as 8 frame gifsets than as 16 or 20 episode dramas. E.g. “High Society”, which I’m enjoying right now. But I think all of it’s long, drawn out longing looks and brooding mothers could be condensed from 1 hour episodes into 10 decent animated gifs.

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