Musical Monday: The Whats Your Great Journey Edition

Posted by Stephanie on June 29, 2015



Let us take another little trip into the world of Kindie. Why? Standard Kpop just isn’t doing it for me right now. #sorrynotsorry BTS. What happened to you? Again? You make me sad in my heart-heart. All except you Rap Mon. You keep bangtanging it out off the park. Then, while I am interested in the new BigBang, but that doesn’t come out until Wednesday. So here we are. Monday. Kindie it is again! 

I was luck enough to come across this song while surfing one of the playlists put out by Mirrorball Music. I’ve found a lot of (okay most of) my favorite Kindies from them, so if you’re interested in branching out your Korean music tastes, I certainly recommend them.

But back to the GoGoBoys. These guys are just fun. The song is lighthearted and the tune is peppy and completely singalongable–you know–if you speak Korean. But here’s the thing, they sing slowly and clearly enough that you just think you can manage to keep up, which is both a coup for the non-Korean fan, and disheartening for those who, despite having been completely addicted to Korean entertainment for almost 4 years has trouble sounding out the most basic words.

Good GoGoBoys!

Bad GoGoBoys!

I hope you give this song a try! I will absolutely be checking out the rest of their music as light and happy (without being too sugary sweet) is a nice change of pace.

GoGoBoys, The Great Journey

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