Key Knows How (To Make Me Smile)

Posted by Stephanie on July 6, 2015


keys knowhow

The Key fan bandwagon is a new and unfamiliar place for me. I’m not a SHINee fan, and I remember when Cherry changed her Facebook photo from GDragon to Key, I threw a moderate hissy fit. Yes, it is her Facebook profile picture, but I abhor change.

However, since watching that episode of Key’s My Little TV (check out the post here), that little impish so-and-so has weaseled his way into my heart. He is adorable. I’m going to go out on a limb and say even more adorable than Heechul. He’s like SHINee’s Heechul. You wouldn’t think there would be room enough in Kpop for two lovable oddballs—but there they are. 

That’s why I was so, so excited to hear the news that Key has been given his own show. Well, an online show, but it is possible in the future it will be picked up by Mnet.

Like the My Little TV episodes, the show, called Key’s Knowhow, will focus on Key’s makeup tips, style ideas, cooking while on a diet, favorite restaurants, what it’s like as a kpop star—basically a behind-the-scenes look into what has to be his adorable and fascinating world.

Key is ready to teach us, and I am ready to learn. (Raise your hands if you now follow his makeup removal regime. ME!)

Not already sold on the idea and dying for this to become a reality? Check out this teaser:

Please. Please. Please, Gods of Kdrama, I beg of thee, please let someone sub this shit. Mama needs some happy Key being adorable time.

ETA: Great news guys! Looks like the first episode (or parts of the first episode) is up AND subbed. Great mama-jama! Guess who now knows Key takes bubble baths? Me! And now, I guess, you.


  • Reply LizC July 6, 2015 at 9:05 pm

    Can’t remember if you’ve talked about this, but have you watched the Key/Heechul episodes of We Got Married International edition? I got sucked in mainly because it was so interesting to watch the couples dealing with the language barrier, but stuck around for Key. They made it the age difference between Key and Arisa very clear from the first episode, which did a nice job of explicitly setting aside the facade of “romance”, and it just became the entertaining travels of two slightly mismatched weirdos. Highly recommend!

  • Reply xVivsx Vargas July 6, 2015 at 9:18 pm

    It feels so nice when someone says Key is actually very adorable and weird most of the time. Like you know how people like to say that he is a diva and has an attitude? Well in real life THIS is the Key us the fans know and love, the weird and hyper little ball of fluff. I really like his personality and humor.

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