Bedeviled Super Junior

Posted by Stephanie on July 8, 2015


super junior

We all know I’m fairly anti-SM. However, my love of Super Junior sometimes surpasses my dislike and I’m able to sit back and enjoy being entertained. Like now. Looks like Super Junior is getting ready for a release to celebrate 10 years since their debut and whoever put the promo spots for it deserves a raise as they are odd and hilarious. 

Not entirely certain I enjoy the song itself, but I’m sure when it’s actually released the SUJU boys will sell it to me.

Now what say you, did you laugh? Are you excited for new Super Junior? Are you ready to release you’re irrational dislike of EXO because SM has now remembered they have other bands as well? (ahem. That was perhaps just pointed at me…)



  • Reply Aimee July 8, 2015 at 11:59 pm

    Release my irrational dislike of EXO? Never. Excited for more SuJu? My normal response to this type of question is ,”Have you met me?”, but….

  • Reply A.J. Superduper (@Jo_Ae_Jae88) July 9, 2015 at 1:08 pm

    A few months ago I was actually nervous that SM would let the 10yr. anniversary pass by without anything special or that SUJU wouldn’t be given a lead single worthy of them, because SM has been putting all their eggs in the other kids baskets recently. But I really think I’m gonna like devil. This teaser video made me so happy and excited, I watched it several times already. Leeteuk’s little scream in the first scene made me cry for real 😀 I’m soo happy Heechul’s hair changed, he looks younger and prettier now.

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