Holy Cuteness Overload Batman!

Posted by Stephanie on July 24, 2015


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Do you ever wonder if the people in dramas actually like each other or not? Or do you think it’s some stereotypical situation where they can’t be bothered and spend all their time hanging in their nanny vans surrounded by their simpering people?

Apparently I’ve thought a lot about this.

We have heard of the random BFF-dom that is formed by spending all that time on set but those seem pretty few and far between. Which is why, when one does happen and is known to the public, it is a special, magical pony that can throw a fangirl into fits of squeees.

Now, we all know from their super secret vacation with Song Joong Ki that Kwang Soo and Jo In Sung are close, but what I didn’t realize is that they have stayed in touch with DO since filming ended of their drama last year, It’s Okay That’s Love. However, according to Kwang Soo’s instagram, not only have they kept in touch but they also recently got together to celebrate the one year anniversary of the drama.

우리1년♡ #장재열#박수광

A photo posted by 이광수 (@masijacoke850714) on

Come on! How freaking adorable is that?? It’s like they know just what to do to drive us fan girls crazy–they have set their stun guns to squueeee.

And they have hit their target.

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