BTS in Concert: Epic Experience

Posted by Molly in Kdramaland on July 27, 2015

BTS Red Bullet

Photo by Alfreda Odiakosa

On Sunday, July 26, I arrived at Club Nokia in Los Angeles at 2:00 p.m., ready to wait several hours for the BTS concert I’d looked forward to for months. Even though the concert started at 7:00 p.m., the line was already wrapped around a couple of buildings. A Facebook friend of mine arrived at 4:00 a.m. and told me there were already 100 people waiting in line when she arrived! There are some seriously hardcore fans out there!

I’d never waited in line for so long – for any concert. But this is BTS (aka Bangtan Boys) – my current favorite KPop group. After the bomb threat at their concert in New York, who knows if they’ll come back again! (Of course, I certainly hope they do!!) So, I wanted to savor every moment of this awesome experience.

BTS Badge

Some nice BTS crew member let me take a picture of her badge. If only I could claim it as mine…. 🙂

I was worried how I’d spend the five hours waiting in line, but I was able to befriend some lovely ladies right away – why was I even worried?? Kpop fans at the concerts I’ve been to are the most fun, engaging, welcoming people out there! So, those hours seemed like minutes. And we even made plans to meet up at KCON LA this coming weekend!

New Friends

The new friends I met in line: Jade, Tammy, Kathy – and me

With my VIP Standing ticket, I wasn’t as close as I would’ve liked; the photo above may not look like it, but I was actually still close enough to see the members clearly (just check out the videos below, which are better). The concert itself started about 7:20 p.m., and when it did, it was WORTH the wait. It’s hard to believe BTS only debuted two years ago (June 13, 2013).  They are such pros. BTS sang a lot of their newest songs, along with my favorites, including Danger, War of Hormone, I Need You, and, of course, Dope. Watching them dance live is incredible – they are so precise, dynamic, and synchronized.BTS

One of my favorite parts of the concert was the sing-along. The lyrics to Miss Right showed on the screen, and BTS encouraged the whole crowd to join them in the song.

Here Is A Brief Video of Fans Singing Along with BTS at the Concert

I’m so impressed that all the members spoke English at the LA concert. Even though their songs are in Korean, BTS spoke English when addressing the crowd. Talk about going above and beyond for their fans!

The guys seemed a bit tired (it’s been a whirlwind US tour!), but they still gave 110%. V was adorable—with his cute facial expressions, endearing interactions with the fans, and getting choked up while thanking the crowd at the end (see video below). Jungkook killed the high notes, and his and Jimin’s dance moves were consistently high-energy and hard hitting. And when Jimin showed off his abs, fans lost their minds. Throughout the concert, Suga and Rap Mon displayed their fierce rapping skills, while Jin sang well and looked beautiful, as usual. My bias, J-Hope (always Mr. Personality!), lit up the stage with his charisma, smiles, and killer dance moves.

Their closing remarks were heartfelt and expressed gratitude to their fans (see video below). I’m so proud of these guys and what they’ve accomplished—all while remaining humble, genuine, and grateful. When BTS left the stage, the fans stayed where they were. No one moved. We just kept singing along to BTS’ songs for at least five minutes after the stage went dark — quite a tribute to a well-loved KPop group.

BTS’ Closing Remarks in English at the LA Concert



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    Hi, do you think they the official light stick st the venue?

    • Reply KpopontheDL December 28, 2016 at 10:29 am

      I wouldn’t count on them selling the official light stick at the venue. Sometimes they do pre-sale of them. They’ll send out announcements about that before the show and you pick them up (loooong lines) before the concert. Occasionally, they will have vendor booths. EXO’s vendor booth sold out of a lot of stuff before we got up to the front of the very long line. The BTS ones are BIG and I’m willing to bet they will not stock/carry too many of them because of the space required to ship and store.

      The best place to get one would be to order it online. I see them on amazon, Kpop Mart and of course, the official BTS store.

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