Top 5 Actors Who Need To Get Back To Dramas Already

Posted by Stephanie on July 29, 2015

Top Five

time clock 2We understand it, we really do, dramaland is a stressful and frankly unhealthy place to be. We understand you wanting to take time before jumping into new projects—or how the lure of new, not drama projects might be more alluring—but come on. Throw us a bone for crying out loud.

Here is my list of the top 5 actors who need to get back to dramas already:

Woo Bin

woo bin

I know with Friend 2, Technicians and Twenties he’s out there busy being a  movie star, but Woo Bin, isn’t it time to come back to dramas already? He definitely has the possibility to be a really versatile actor—when you think about it he’s taking a lot of different types of characters for someone who is so popular. I really think he’s put the legwork in to be the lead of his own drama and I’d be interested to see what sort of drama and character he’d take on.

Girl From King Of Dramas

king of dramas

I’m sorry girl from King of Dramas and and History of A Salaryman that I never remember your name. However, I do remember your dramas and just how awesome you were in them. I know you were in a medical drama after that, but that was a while ago, and as we can see from your acting skills, you can do a lot better. Although have we seen dramas that have been that unique and out of the box lately? Is that what you’re waiting for? Well then, I guess you’re right. (ahem, I looked it up, her name is Jung Ryeo Won–I don’t know why I can NEVER remember this.)

Jang Geun Suk

jang geun suk

No, I’m not talking Pretty Man Jang Geun Suk, I’m talking Love Rain or You’re Beautiful Jang Geun Suk. As preening as he is, when he takes roles that are more than “I’m so pretty” he has some bad ass acting skills. He needs to get himself out of the box he’s painted himself into and get back on track. Although I’m guessing with his recent tax scandal, that won’t be happening any time soon.

Ryu Deuk Hwan

ryu deuk hwan

Ryu Deuk Hwan could also easily fit onto an under-appreciated actor list (hmmm…there’s an idea) and while we did get to see him in last years God’s Quiz 4, and while I do appreciate OCN for giving this amazing actor a chance to be a lead, God’s Quiz is played out and I’d love to see him play something else. While he might not be everyone’s idea of a leading man, he has way more acting ability in him then many a current leading man. He needs to come back so he can get a bigger name so everyone can know how awesome he is. I’m tired of saying “Ryu Deuk Hwan…remember Faith? He played the king.”

Gong Yoo

gong yoo

Come on Gong Yoo, I know you’re still suffering the scars of Big, and have turned your back on the small screen for movies, but we miss you! Come back to us. You are the perfect combination of good actor and Hottie McHotness. I promise, if you come back, there will be lots of girls willing and eager to watch your drama—no matter what the topic.

So how about you? Is there an actor you want to get off their butts and back on into a drama?


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  • Reply Kay December 23, 2017 at 7:24 pm

    All this is reminding me…Hyun Bin hasn’t been back for quite some time as well as the main actor in Emergency Couple, and the main actor in Kill Me, Heal Me…as far as I’m concerned. Maybe they did come back out and I’m just out of the loop, but…these are the people for now.

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