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Posted by Stephanie on July 30, 2015

Casting News



This was supposed to be a nice happy, look where some of my favorites are now—isn’t it great that they are still out their doing their variety all? It’s been a while since I’ve been submerged in the depths of my old Roommate—I wouldn’t go so far as to say obsession—but extreme interest in the show so when some more information emerged about some of my favorite castmates I was excited.

Then it happened.

It was just announced that Jackson has pulled out of his scheduled performance with GOT7 at KCON. The same KCon I’m currently waiting for my late plane to get to. COME ON. Are you kidding me? So now I have to listen to GOT7, and Jackson isn’t going to be there? He was going to be what got me through. I am the only one of the group who has not seen him perform, and I call a big unfair foul. Are you mad at me Jackson? Did I offend you in some way? Why you do me like that? I know I was pretty anti Roommate at the beginning, but that was then, and I’m pretty sure I made up for my initial naysaying of you and the show with all of my frequent ‘aaaaawwww….. he’s so adorable’ fangirling. To hold those initial episodes against me is just unfair.

jackson 2

Ahem. I could be projecting.

The reason Jackson is currently pulling out of a lot of his GOT7 schedule is due to the very reason I was planning on praising him in this post—he has accepted a role on the variety show Laws of the Jungle. As I found him to be cute and adorable, I was quite happy that he didn’t let the cancellation of Roommate keep him down for long (actually, I hear he’s been on anther variety show, too). Since I’m not the biggest fan of GOT7 (okay that’s hedging because I’m sure there are GOT7 fans out there who are reading this, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say I don’t care for them at all), I was excited that he was getting work outside the group—the more work he gets, the bigger his profile his, and the better chance he has for a longer career. So, while I’m glad he has picked up more work, I can no longer be the super fan of his that I once was. (I hold a grudge and have a looooong memory.)

Let’s move over to even better news. Cherry shared with me this trailer and it looks out that my other favorite pair (especially after going back and watching season one of Roommate) Kang Joon and Dong Wook acted in a movie together! Shall we all together?


dong wook kang joon

Do you remember that it was Dong Wook who took Kang Joon out to buy him a phone? Yep, they give me some warm fuzzies. And, no matter what the movie is about (as I’m writing this at the airport and haven’t had a chance to watch the trailer yet), I’m going to be watching it.

(I am now in my hotel room and have watched it. This movie looks fudging ADORABLE and I can’t wait to watch it.)

Anything else? Well, Gook Ju was on Running Man lately, and from her Instagram I can see that she has written a book. Unfortunately, since the chances of it being translated into English are extreeeeemly low, I’ll just have to give her a moral supporting ‘atta girl,’ because there’s no way I’m going to be able to read it.


Anything else? Chanyeol wrote a song for Gook Ju’s radio program? They weren’t on the same seasons of Roommate, but I liked them equally, so I’m happy to see the crossover. Unless I’m mistaken and it’s Sunny’s radio show he wrote the song for, and then I’ve lost all interest. Also, he has signed on to host a new variety show called 18 Seconds where various stars try to make entertaining (I’m thinking viral) 18 second videos. Apparently he posted a promotional video, and it was so popular it crashed SBS’s website! Check out this funny article by an English paper, The Mirror, called

Did EXO boyband member Park Chanyeol cause a popular website to crash?

Here ends our Roommate public service announcement.

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