What A Difference A Teaser Makes: It’s Almost D-Day!

Posted by Stephanie on August 5, 2015



And I’m almost back to being as excited as I was before I found out it was a disaster drama wrapped in a puffy medical drama crust.

What can I say, I’m a fickle, fickle fangirl.

So what changed the minds and hearts? If you guessed my new mini-obsession with Kim Young Kwan-you would be correct! I follow him on Instagram and while he doesn’t post a lot, the other day he posted these two things….

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#디데이 #jtbc #김영광 #이해성

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I’m in. I like dirty ruffled heroes and while very brief (I’m sure it’s just a clip from a longer trailer) his little 15 second teaser hit all my “I WANNA WATCH” buttons. Perhaps even though it does take place in a hospital, maybe it’s the hospital where the D-Day goes down! Maybe this hospital will be half blown up? Or crumbled down? However they go, it should be good so long as they don’t sink into the usual Kdrama Medical Drama fighting against bureaucracy/power struggle tropes. As, while I do have a good fan-on for Ki Young Kwan, I didn’t watch Pinocchio for him, so I guess my love is fickle.

Oh, and here is the actual teaser:


And another one!


Yep, I’m in and I’m excited–bring on September!


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